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  1. EiskalterEngel

    Bug Report China Dragon

    are the china dragons buggy? I find several lvl 6, hit them, they stay at the lvl and are then simply gone after 15 seconds
  2. S

    Buying WTB

    WTB ORANGE 108 2H STAFF ~ paying with a gift from MP does not need to be properly stat rolled or sharded, just need the staff itself. TY
  3. talogonia

    how to use credit

    how do i use credit how much credit to buy diamonds
  4. Snake Pest

    Buying Looking for Kondrazi's offspring egg

    if you have one comment here with your price, thank you!
  5. S

    Market code activation

    Hello everyone Quick question. these about the Activation code Market when you click on I to access, I want to know how you get it please. Because I want to know what you get with the activation code thank you for your response and feedback
  6. AshaDragon

    Question About Satuma Zone

    Baka is open in the Adept server, is Satuma open and if so how do I get there? Is it a start area or the mostly closed official area that was opened in the official game? Thank you in advance for any replies :)
  7. Om3g452

    Companion pack and dragon preview

    Hi, Is it possible to put the "Companion packs" in the dragon devises section ? Is it also possible to put preview on the new dragons on a name in the market place ? I can't reconise the dragon just by it's egg... Some items also doesn't have names so, i don't know the use of them... Thx for...
  8. AshaDragon

    You Tube project "Dragon Diary" sneak peek

    So I have finished the first part of my YT project for a "dragon documentary" for the DP world. As an anima fan I added a "transported to another world" concept as an explanation for how I am making the "documentary" about the world. Note: This is my first time making a video like this please...
  9. S


    Bonjour je cherche de l'aide pour installer Dragon Prophet's et aussi de savoir si il existe un Discord pour parlais en vocal merci je suis Français. car j'aime les dragon je veux plus en tue un seul je les veux en amis merci de tout ça car je suis sensible au dragon dsl pour cette phrase ^^
  10. WolfKat

    Draconic Flute Crystal?

    What are the crystals and where do they come from to have 100 of them for this? Got it from turning in a level 25 dragon for the Academy thing.
  11. EiskalterEngel

    Suggestion new larger properties

    When will new, larger properties finally be added? 600x700 to 1000x1000? There are some players who are looking for something like that, but none are free.
  12. WolfKat

    Got a cool purple egg!

    Just wanted to show this to you guys here. I looked up the two listed possible dragons, and Cobalt Lightning appeals to me the most so far. But first, I gotta work toward having more slots for dragons... I like my current 4 basic dragons a lot. And I've already spent a lot of time on them at...
  13. WolfKat

    Maybe dumb question

    I've been peeking at the Costumes tab in my character menu a few times and tried to move a low stat (but nice-looking) gear piece into the slots (as I would in the other MMOs I play when doing cosmetics/transmutations). It didn't work, haha. Is it only for items that would be tagged as costume...
  14. Dryadia

    Suggestion Monthly dragons

    Please put monthly dragons in marketplace. Thank you.
  15. Dryadia

    Suggestion Silver Dragon Festival

    Please implement the Silver Dragon Festival. Thank you for your consideration. :)
  16. WolfKat

    How to get to Arboran's airship?

    This city is cool, but like a massive maze to me. Reminding me of how confusing Limsa (from FFXIV) and some Pokemon game cities will be for me too. I haven't found a visual guide to point me in the right direction to the airship for the main quest. I'm stumped... It seems like there's an upper...
  17. N

    Buying Buy Natural dmg shards.

    Want to buy < Natural damage shards: 517energy 300Kgolds, 886e 3M, 1045e 6M, 1233e 12M, 1454e 24M. Or trade by Magic dmg shard, rate 1 magic/10nat. Min energy to trade: 517e. Ingame contact: NamN
  18. Seiichi

    Dragon's Prophet Double Diamond Black Friday Sale 11/22-11/27

    We are having another Double Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 PM PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.
  19. RostigerNagel

    fragen über fragen:)

    Servus, Bin neu hier aber alter DP spieler und wollte mal fragen ober der DP client auch auf deutsch ist also ob man auf deutsch umstellen kann? bin des englisch leider nicht sehr mächtig^^ und meine 2 frage ist gibt es auf diesen server auch shop drachen zu erwerben wie Hades oder Medron etc...
  20. Seiichi

    30% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 11/10-11/12

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.

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