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  1. Lingerie

    New Server / Ref. Dragon Mastery / GM Event

    For European Players (others might be effected as well, as it concerns the new server time) will todays GM event start 1 hour LATER, i.e. 24.10. @ 1:00 am (UK 23.10 @ Midnight)? I ask because of the Dragon Mastery problem and that the fix will be tried by Seiichi @ next maintenance, i.e...
  2. N

    Buying Drop Rate Set

    WTB drop rate set. discord: Glatruis#1679 or in game, Glatruis. PM me price, thank you
  3. Ruhloser

    Neue Zeit für Beginn der Drachenmeisterschafft / New time for the beginning of the dragon mastery

    Hallo Seiichi , hallo Freunde ^^ German: Wie ich gestern feststellte wurden die Zeiten für Refresch (Server) und Drachenmeisterschafft um eine Stunde nach hinten verschoben ! Demnach beginnen die Vorbereitungen zur DM hier in Europa nicht wie gehabt um 23:00h sondern erst um 0:00h . Das ist...
  4. Seiichi

    Announcement Dragon Tournament time change

    Due to the server change, Dragon Tournament will now happen a hour later (3PM Pacific).
  5. Adamas

    New Guardian in server

    Hi guys 1 friend just start and make Guardian - i rly don't understand what skill he have to lvl up or what shards he needs for DPS - MY question can u pls link here guide for Guardian or some setups in skills char like fero or strength. Ty rly in advance :) and have a awesome day :)
  6. Ilynai

    Bug Report Solved Problem with the installation

    Hey together, after i downloaded the Client from the Page and running the Launcher i got a problem while it was installing. I don't know how i can fix that ;-; Any Ideas?
  7. Seiichi

    Announcement Dragon's Prophet Server Migration (10/18/2021)

    We have the new server hardware prepared at the new data center, and have provisioned it so we are going to be migrating to it during todays maintenance. Maintenance may run longer than usual tomorrow, and there also may be issues with connecting to the server after maintenance depending on the...
  8. S

    Where is the server located?

    Just curious where the server is located. I may want to use ExitLag if needed. Thanks, CaffeineInjected (shadyhaxx)
  9. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 30% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/15-10/17

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.
  10. Adamas

    Normal day in DP - enjoy in world and Dragons

    Guys Girls Just enjoy in awesome world and Dragons - i will be glad if u support me - share this video if u like it :) Ty in Advance
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    Happy Halloween

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    Happy Halloween

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    Happy Halloween

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    Halloween Ready

    We are just waiting))
  18. Dryadia

    Bug Report Light color version of Ebony Thorn missing from my dragon chamber

    Here is proof that i had the light colored version of Ebony Thorn. But it's not in my dragon chamber anymore, it somehow disappeared. I know of 2 other people who also had it, and it's not in their dragon chamber either. Please see if it can be re-implemented in game. Thank you.
  19. Kazunokun

    Bug Report Elemental Res buff for full laedis disappearing every now and then

    So this is a pretty minor thing as it only happens every minute or so for like a second at a time, but the 7 piece set effect for ele Res from the Laedis 102 set seems to disappear. I can't confirm if it really does disappear or if the UI just doesn't catch up with the stats in game when the...
  20. Ruhloser

    Bug Report Forumanzeigen - Datum und Weiterleitung nicht korrekt / Forum ads - date and forwarding incorrect

    Hallo Seichii ^^ German: Ich weiß nicht was ihr da gemacht habt aber seit der Umstellung / Neugestaltung dieses Forums komm ich mir irgendwie veralbert vor (nicht bös gemeint) ! Da geht man auf einen Beitrag , der einen interessiert - mit Datum vom selben Tag oder einem Tag zuvor und wird dann...