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  1. InIllusion

    Play on Linux

    Has anyone tried to play/start the game on Linux? (Using emulators) I had Ubuntu as a second system in 2016, and I can remember, that I started DP on it - so the start itself is not impossible. But I can't remember anything about the playing process?. So maybe it was possible to start, but...
  2. Memory.png


    In 2012, the General Assembly proclaimded 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honour of parents throughout the world. So our guild wish you all a good day with the most lovely people in the world!
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  4. Birth


  5. ToSchool


  6. Family


  7. Cradle


  8. Dawn


  9. Parent's routine

    Parent's routine

  10. Dark Harvest

    Dark Harvest

  11. Lady Vox

    Lady Vox

  12. Sha Ting

    Sha Ting

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  14. JunoDP.png


    Just colours, just emotions.
  15. Juno.png


    Juno Gallery, Sunrise
  16. brezel1.png


    Can you try to find out how many dragons are taking part on this screen?))
  17. born.png


    So, our guild has not posted anything for a long time - media is not the most popular part of this website)) but yesterday we did some amazing screens with new dragons and this week we will present these. This is the first picture, but not the last) "The place where dragons come to the world"
  18. Chi Fu

    Chi Fu

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