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  1. G

    Suggestion Planned New random Skills

    Could you please implement new Skills? You could randomly distribute them on all worlds. Not too many, just a few. Well hidden and only be to found via a small icon. Skills for dragons, but also for players, would be nice... e.g. healing or support skills. Soul-bound and not transferable to...
  2. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  3. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 30% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/29-10/31

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.
  4. q00120191

    Bug Report Solved A Dragn Dod Masteries bug

    My Dragn Dod Masteries first skills (bazaka ,piersar....anything) no effect not just visual, attach picture Test this is no skill this is have skill
  5. Adamas

    Recruiting How to choose a guild - как найти себя гилд

    My opinion so far in guilds for new players - so far we are 5 ppl playing in DP Мое мнениея для гилдов - для сечас мъ 5 человек каторий играм ДП If u are German ор Engl speaking u can choose like Korona (DE) ppl they play like a family and for sure will help you, Leader is super also with...
  6. F

    Dragon X Bonus Rate on Dragons

    How big of a difference does the X Bonus Rate on dragons actually make for a max level dragon? EX: I just rejoined the game. Got all of those little rewards to signing up and all that. It gave me Soul Guide, who is a STR based dragon. He got a 6.00 attribute bonus and a 6.96 constitution bonus...
  7. N

    Suggestion Planned IOLS- grind

    as it is, not enough players are running ILOS. and the grind will take a few good months grinding the Rutheless Essences even solo is too hard. out player base is very low for these kinda raids. maybe we can make the drop rate of them a little higher from the green bags, so players will be able...
  8. Kazunokun

    Suggestion Rejected Make Ridingpoints transferable

    It would be great if we would be able to transfer the riding points we accumulated on our dragons. This is probably a problem that next to no one will have, but there are situations where it could be very useful to be able to extract the riding points spent on one dragon with an item like dagon...
  9. kingovscots

    Severite's Treasure

    i have farmed this for 3 hours a while ago got nothing, now today I have farmed the first fragment for 6 hours I had loads of glowies but not fragment! does anyone know a better and quicker way and can I change the channel while doing it?
  10. Seiichi

    Announcement Completed Dragon's Prophet Weekly Maintenance 10/25/2021

    We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following: Timezone changed so that Dragon Tournament is back to it's old time. Maintenance generally lasts between 1-2 hours, though we will announce in the Discord if it...
  11. B

    Suggestion Titelbeförderer/ Titlepromoter

    Hallo, mein Vorschlag für den Marktplatz. Titelbeförderer und Farbwechsler HI, my suggestion for the marketplace. Title promoter and color changer.
  12. Venjox

    Suggestion Implemented More Different Lootpets

    EN More Pets / Lootpets like Foxes, Wolves and maybe aswell flying one? De Mehr Haustiere / Lootpets welche noch nicht vorhanden sind, so etwas wie Füchse, Wölfe oder fliegende wie Papageien?
  13. Venjox

    Suggestion Planned Pets buyable for Housing Zone?

    EN Do you think Buyable pets could be buyed into Shop, and placed after into the Housing Zone? Like they would be able to walk free arrount into it? The Idea came across as I has seen the Guild Room cat whos walking freely arround. ---- DE Was würdet Ihr von Kaufbaren Haustieren halten welche...
  14. kingovscots

    Suggestion Planned Crafting Stations in Sanctuary

    I think we should be able to craft in Sanctuary, i really hate flying all over the place going from one place to another trying to craft stuff it's so annoying, it would be so much easier to just port up to Sanctuary.
  15. Lingerie

    New Server / Ref. Dragon Mastery / GM Event

    For European Players (others might be effected as well, as it concerns the new server time) will todays GM event start 1 hour LATER, i.e. 24.10. @ 1:00 am (UK 23.10 @ Midnight)? I ask because of the Dragon Mastery problem and that the fix will be tried by Seiichi @ next maintenance, i.e...
  16. N

    Buying Drop Rate Set

    WTB drop rate set. discord: Glatruis#1679 or in game, Glatruis. PM me price, thank you
  17. Ruhloser

    Neue Zeit für Beginn der Drachenmeisterschafft / New time for the beginning of the dragon mastery

    Hallo Seiichi , hallo Freunde ^^ German: Wie ich gestern feststellte wurden die Zeiten für Refresch (Server) und Drachenmeisterschafft um eine Stunde nach hinten verschoben ! Demnach beginnen die Vorbereitungen zur DM hier in Europa nicht wie gehabt um 23:00h sondern erst um 0:00h . Das ist...

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