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dragon's prophet

  1. 24.Spell0.jpg


    May I add some magic images to our collection? When I was a child, I'd spend hours watching these stereogram pictures. Also, have fun)) I've created 3 of them with different models and with different moods. This one is emotional, almost aggressive.
  2. kingovscots

    Attribute Transfer

    There is one thing in this game that I don't seem to be able to figure out, I sort of know but there isn't really enough info out there about it, I have experimented with rubbish stuff jewellery and some blue stuff a few bits of purple gear (messed that up) but all I want to do is transfer...
  3. 23.Eggs.jpg


    Dragons Prophet in the reality - it exists, why not)) The egg was "provided" by Kitalia - I was just searching for a good screenshot with an egg as I saw this beautiful rare colour on the egg circle. Thanks a lot)
  4. 26. Traveler

    26. Traveler

  5. 22.Skeleton.jpg


    I know, we are not in Skyrim. But I could not resist and did it)
  6. poison.PNG


    not so good but more fantasy)
  7. 21.Famous.jpg


    I think this dragon is veeery famous. If you don't know it, you haven't played Dragon's Prophet)) And it can be nominated for the BAFTA Game Awards for the best band of miscreants))
  8. 20.Spikes1.jpg


    It is not my favourite dragon, but its colour is one of the most intense dragon's colours in the game. And it is just jumping from its universe to a mosaic world)
  9. 25. Defense

    25. Defense

    So for defense the only Windrider! Im glad that i can fit all the classes in my prompt list x) This model is my favourite. I like the horns and the coloration. Very distinct from the others. But the snout is a mess. So i changed it up a little bit.
  10. 24. Spell

    24. Spell

    Yesterday was not my strongest day, soo take Spell for today. I worked longer for this one, i hope it payed off. I love Eseriel, its one of my all time favourites.
  11. 18.Shax.jpg


    The shax, as we know, always try new methods how to kill the player and the other creatures. It is the reason I choose not to be near them personally and prefer to observe their life using a magic portal.
  12. 17.Thin.jpg


    It was a very thin audience, but this dragon tried to show us its talents.
  13. 16.Ambush.jpg


    And I'm late as usual, but this week I suppose I will do my best)) This scene is a moment of capture. Some dragons are not very friendly, yeh
  14. 23. Egg

    23. Egg

    Not the best work, bot thats the rule x) Draw something everyday, but not do better everyday
  15. dragon time.jpg

    dragon time.jpg

    children of art)
  16. Drago adept gamer 1.jpg

    Drago adept gamer 1.jpg

    Night rises over the city and all the inhabitants turned their eyes to the night sky. There flies a dragon called, the beauty of the night.
  17. kingovscots

    how do i capture Island in territory wars?

    i want to know the process of how to take an island, because I have loads of points and there is a few that are not claimed, if I am right do I need to destroy the nodes then do the alter then destroy the dragon, I have forgotten we use to do the islands all together but I am alone now so need...
  18. 22. Skeleton

    22. Skeleton

    its still far from Halloween, but heres one spooky skeleton.
  19. 21. Famous

    21. Famous

    im late, again, i know :s But heres something new and with double the amount of heads as usual. I think Darkmoon is my favourite of the Nidas-Dragons cause of the nice feathered wings and the overall Coloration with the golden Highlights. But i dont like the masks. It/They look so goofy with them.