1. thenewguyinred

    Dragon Better Mounted Combat Skills for certain dragon types

    Hello, have you guys ever went to the Dragon Riding Skill Manager and got your first Mount Combat skills, only to find out that the mounted skills you got aren't as cool or fun as you thought they would be? That's what happened to me with Skytouched and Phantom dragon families. I'm always big...

    Dragon Emperor (Phantom) Dragon on this Server?

    Hi all, is there any proof yet, the emperor dragon can be found on this server? it used to spawn in all 3 sos-inis, but in sorthina on this server there is already proof it has just another fabled (red star) :( any info on silia and / or omati yet?
  3. Seiichi

    Sale Completed Exclusive Dragon Sale: Amarok, the Revenant & Corroside, the Tropical Terror 7/13-7/16

    Both Amarok, the Revenant and Corroside, the Tropical Terror will be available on the Marketplace until Friday 11:59PM Pacific Time.
  4. Black Lightning

    Black Lightning

  5. Fanyaré the Sky Wings

    Fanyaré the Sky Wings

  6. Dragon's Prophet

    Dragon's Prophet

  7. Amarok


  8. Amarok


  9. Erumjolk


  10. Erumjolk


  11. Frigid Siren

    Frigid Siren

  12. Stygian Wraith

    Stygian Wraith

  13. Anthias Mirage

    Anthias Mirage

  14. Lazurite Trance

    Lazurite Trance

  15. Azure Zealot

    Azure Zealot

  16. Sanguine Specter

    Sanguine Specter

  17. Halcyon Gaze

    Halcyon Gaze

  18. Primeval Jade

    Primeval Jade

  19. Corroside, the Tropical Terror

    Corroside, the Tropical Terror

  20. Amarok, the Revenant

    Amarok, the Revenant