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  1. Corv

    Suggestion Dragon armor to fix a gross injustice.

    I know that we don't have the means to make custom meshes yet, but bear with me. You reading? Okay, okay. Check it out. This here is Hazul: People call it a horse (even outright in certain languages of the game) but... is it really? No, of course not. This is no mere horse as it is CLEARLY a...
  2. Dryadia

    Suggestion Silver Dragon Festival

    Please implement the Silver Dragon Festival. Thank you for your consideration. :)
  3. Seiichi

    Black Friday Dragon & Title Sales 2023

    All exclusive Dragons will be available until Monday at 11:59PM Pacific. We will also be putting custom titles on sale for that same period of time.
  4. DeltaFusion

    Dragon skill exp

    Hello, Does anyone know the best way to farm exp for your dragon skills? I am running corzine now because of the mob density. Maybe there are better ways? Thanks
  5. Dracolinga

    Suggestion More dragon transformations?

    Hello! Could it be one day more dragon transphormations in Marketplace? Forexample Balge/Nerroth transformation, Phantasma or Magical Silver (or some of their kind)? Thank you for your consideration :)
  6. AlexHoll

    Dragon arena

    Can someone tell me what time the arena is in PST?
  7. YuuyaHTD

    dragon prophet old account use?

    can i use my old dragon prophet account ore only new created from that private server?
  8. Dracolinga

    Bug Report Dragon speed abilities don't work

    Hello! I wanted to do my Magical Silver the fastest among my dragons, but faced an error... By my error, I firstly bought "Rushing Dragon Trainer" skill (+15% speed to all kinds of movement), then bought "Adept Dragon Trainer" skill (+50% speed to all kinds of movement), but it seens they...
  9. AncientOne

    Suggestion Planned Dragon egg powder +10% or +1% green rarity

    Hello, I'm back with more suggestions about eggs and egg hatching. As I was trying to incubate a wandering lotus dragon with a purple egg, I have noticed there is no powder that allows us to augment the green rarity, and remove purple and blue ones. Please add a powder that can add +10% green...
  10. Dracolinga

    Greetings! Vincento, the returned dragon admirer :D

    Greetings to everyone, let’s celebrate together the rebirth of the best Dragon game! \^o^/ I was not playing DP, but playing SV a couple of years ago, and that was awesome ))) I enjoyed it so much, my character was Vincento, an archer about 80 lvl. After a long break, when I figured out that...
  11. zomimir

    Dragon How long for Candy King?

    Considering that Candy King is listed as costing 500k dragon insignias, how long would one have to do dailies?
  12. Brilliant Quillhorn 2.0. / Remake

    Brilliant Quillhorn 2.0. / Remake

    Made based off the existing Lady Vox model instead of my style base lol. Hopefully it fits DP more now ":)
  13. Kazunokun

    Suggestion Make dragon shards not count towards PVP damage

    As said in the Title. I think having dragon shards apply to PVP damage puts newer players and more F2P-ish players significantly behind players who abuse bugs, were playing for three eternities or who were selling dias to buy shards from other players. The older players still get rewarded for...
  14. ZambieMaster

    Suggestion Implemented Dragon tracker!

    Okay so I have NO idea whatsoever as to if this could work even in theory but I had an idea I saw a different game I used to play use. The game I'm referring to is Trion worlds: RIFT, and there's this webpage the players use called YARET (Yet-Another-RIFT-Event-Tracker) and it tracks things like...
  15. Brilliant Quillhorn

    Brilliant Quillhorn

    This is my first ever submission for a concept for DP and it took me too many hours to remember how long it took making this beast! I was going to add lore and such myself, but I felt it easier to just leave as a blank slate. I hope this community likes my efforts ^^" !
  16. ZambieMaster

    Suggestion Dragon costume previews

    So I've noticed a good 90% or so of the player costumes all have previews with them, but seemingly none of the dragon costumes have previews to them at all. While I'm not for certain if this is possible, but maybe whatever dragon is your current dragon or out in world, lets say Skitter for ex...
  17. DracoFly

    i love dragon's

  18. D

    Suggestion Planned Dragon Equip stat/overstate able and button for sell gray/green Equipment

    Hello, i want to talk about two things that disturb me. First: Dragon Equip Should be Stat/overstate able. Its hard to find a good Equipment with 3 high stats that the dragon need. Then crafting purple/orange should be worth it. Second: Merchants have the option to sell gray items. That a a...
  19. Dark Harvest

    Dark Harvest

  20. Lady Vox

    Lady Vox

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