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  1. F

    Dragon X Bonus Rate on Dragons

    How big of a difference does the X Bonus Rate on dragons actually make for a max level dragon? EX: I just rejoined the game. Got all of those little rewards to signing up and all that. It gave me Soul Guide, who is a STR based dragon. He got a 6.00 attribute bonus and a 6.96 constitution bonus...
  2. Lingerie

    New Server / Ref. Dragon Mastery / GM Event

    For European Players (others might be effected as well, as it concerns the new server time) will todays GM event start 1 hour LATER, i.e. 24.10. @ 1:00 am (UK 23.10 @ Midnight)? I ask because of the Dragon Mastery problem and that the fix will be tried by Seiichi @ next maintenance, i.e...
  3. Ruhloser

    Neue Zeit für Beginn der Drachenmeisterschafft / New time for the beginning of the dragon mastery

    Hallo Seiichi , hallo Freunde ^^ German: Wie ich gestern feststellte wurden die Zeiten für Refresch (Server) und Drachenmeisterschafft um eine Stunde nach hinten verschoben ! Demnach beginnen die Vorbereitungen zur DM hier in Europa nicht wie gehabt um 23:00h sondern erst um 0:00h . Das ist...
  4. Seiichi

    Announcement Dragon Tournament time change

    Due to the server change, Dragon Tournament will now happen a hour later (3PM Pacific).
  5. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 30% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/15-10/17

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.
  6. Dryadia

    Bug Report Light color version of Ebony Thorn missing from my dragon chamber

    Here is proof that i had the light colored version of Ebony Thorn. But it's not in my dragon chamber anymore, it somehow disappeared. I know of 2 other people who also had it, and it's not in their dragon chamber either. Please see if it can be re-implemented in game. Thank you.
  7. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 50% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/01-10/03

    We are having another 50% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 AM PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.
  8. kingovscots

    Dragon Riding Equipment

    I would like to know what stats are best on dragon riding equipment for doing dungeons, either mounted or not, to boost its protection or damage I have never really looked into this so I just put anything on, but I would love to know more on what is best on the dragon?
  9. Dragon's Prophet

    Dragon's Prophet

  10. M

    Dragon What Dragon to find Skill Healing Wind

    Where can i find the skill healing wind? Have went through hundreds of silent enmity (aqua rare) and dusktalion (skytouched rare) and not seeing the skill.
  11. Super Sexy

    Super Sexy

    Sexy Baby :))))
  12. Black Lightning and Infernal Devourer

    Black Lightning and Infernal Devourer

  13. Y

    Question for a dragon

    Guys there is a Quest in Olandra for a dragon where u collect 10 blue stones - do u know locations for it or spawn time
  14. E

    Dragon Tournament: Selection of home advantage Dragon family

    Hello everybody^^ after more than a years time on this server and having watched or taken part in most of the tournaments I would like to start a little discussion an/or get an explanation for the selection process or datafile base which influences the selection of the advances family. On the...
  15. thenewguyinred

    Dragon Better Mounted Combat Skills for certain dragon types

    Hello, have you guys ever went to the Dragon Riding Skill Manager and got your first Mount Combat skills, only to find out that the mounted skills you got aren't as cool or fun as you thought they would be? That's what happened to me with Skytouched and Phantom dragon families. I'm always big...

    Dragon Emperor (Phantom) Dragon on this Server?

    Hi all, is there any proof yet, the emperor dragon can be found on this server? it used to spawn in all 3 sos-inis, but in sorthina on this server there is already proof it has just another fabled (red star) :( any info on silia and / or omati yet?
  17. Seiichi

    Sale Completed Exclusive Dragon Sale: Amarok, the Revenant & Corroside, the Tropical Terror 7/13-7/16

    Both Amarok, the Revenant and Corroside, the Tropical Terror will be available on the Marketplace until Friday 11:59PM Pacific Time.
  18. Black Lightning

    Black Lightning

  19. Fanyaré the Sky Wings

    Fanyaré the Sky Wings

  20. Dragon's Prophet

    Dragon's Prophet