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  1. Liquid Silver with Girl

    Liquid Silver with Girl

    Drew this a while ago, what do you think of it? ^^
  2. Raisengeki

    Murder chicken Utyon

    I drew my favorite chicken in DP Took about an hour or two Drawn on Painttool SAI Feel free to use/repost with credit
  3. DragonsProphet_20180411_173416


    Lundahl Tamed. Thank you Kodawolf & Mystikstorm <3
  4. DragonsProphet_20180411_172309


    Lundahl in bad mood
  5. DragonsProphet_20180221_012005


  6. Durgan


  7. Pillow Party

    Pillow Party

  8. Falkor the Wish Dragon

    Falkor the Wish Dragon

    Fluffy Oriental style Dragon designed by 22Rii inspired by Falcor from Neverending Story.
  9. Dragon-Zios-04


  10. newb

    Guide Dragon Basics

    Hi all! So this will be my guide on some of the basics of dragons. I will touch base on skills, stats, lair, and evolution. This will not go super in depth but if requested I can do so for you. Intro I will start off with the question most new players ask. What is a good dragon to get...
  11. Ultimate Lazard

    Dragon Armor designs

    Hey ya guys! I wanted to ask, if anyone here would happen to have any pictures of their dragons with any of the store armor on. I'm curious as to what set I want to get or what pieces I want to mix up, but can't seem to find pictures with all of them. So if you want to show case that smexy...
  12. Tonapah's Revenge

    Tonapah's Revenge

  13. DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume

    DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume

    DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume
  14. Lunar Frost

    Lunar Frost

  15. Man vs World

    Man vs World

  16. Where The Journey Begins

    Where The Journey Begins

  17. Rise of Aryna's Offspring

    Rise of Aryna's Offspring

  18. Douche Phantom

    Douche Phantom