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  1. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  2. N

    Buying Drop Rate Set

    WTB drop rate set. discord: Glatruis#1679 or in game, Glatruis. PM me price, thank you
  3. SaintBeast

    Buying WTB Orange Bow lv.108

    WTB Orange lv.108 Bow wsp/me
  4. gladx16

    Buying Do you have friends who sell at reasonable prices?

    Hi guys, I am new to this server and I am starting to make new items. For this reason, I need a lot of materials. Do you have friends who sell for reasonable prices? Napolite Powder Napolite Fragment
  5. Yeah im Rusted

    Selling Buying WTT sophani's offspring egg

    Trading with Nardicura, savarkin or kondrazi, not selling it hit me up if you wanna trade
  6. K

    Buying BDL Belt

    Buying BDL Belt 3 opt - AGI ( Pref 15 can be lower tho) INT HLT W ingame Shotsfired / Lunatic
  7. Fratley

    Buying i wana to buy elemental core of thedrea dungeon AM

    salut tout le monde je veux acheter le noyau élémentaire du donjon thedrea pls wsp me in the Game Titanide Merci a tous
  8. Ellone

    Selling Buying WTT Nadricura&Antillero eggs

    Hello all! Want to Trade Nadricura (Unhatched Egg of Purity) or Antillero (Unhatched Egg of Fluorescence) for Savarkin egg Trade only My nick is Ukolnir (in game)
  9. K

    Buying Lunatic buying odd stuff

    - Buying Hunter G capsules 16g each no matter the level If you have any just COD to Lunatic ingame
  10. Fratley

    Buying buying dias from ppls

    hi all pls ineed a seller of dias coze i need a land to buy pls
  11. elifkoc

    Buying WTB Platinum

    WTB platinum whisp me in game. type Riyuu and Miyuu with your offer! Thanks!.. You can sell us platinum everytime!
  12. D

    Buying Buying 1 handed Laedis Scepter Lvl 102 (sorcerer weapon)

    Hey all i m buying that 1 handed Laedis scepter level 102. Drop me a pm here if u selling :D Thanks in advance
  13. F

    Buying Fritte's buying list

    What I am looking for: - Souls (0.12 Gold each) - Aram's Belt of Perseverance - Hydron Bracelet (Assassin) - Hydron Bracelet (Myrmidon) If you happen to have any of these Items, please mail "Fritte" ingame.
  14. Yeah im Rusted

    Buying Buying platinum

    Drop off how much you sell plat for, not dias i want platinum or hit me up in the game with your prices, ign: Rusted
  15. V

    Buying League's Trade Corner

    Willing To Buy Generic Items - Aram Belt of Perseverance - Aram Ring of Perseverance - 4* Lava Ring - Hydron Templar Shoes Pathfinder - Bone Drag Helm - Secmathian Chest - Secmathian Bottom Dragoon - Bone Drag Helm - Bone Drag Bottom Invoker - Any Secmathian Parts If you happen to...
  16. SaintBeast

    Buying WTB Phy shards

    Want to Buy Phy dmg Shards whisper me ingame: SaintBeast or message me here to talk about prices.
  17. VickyDragon

    Selling WTT Sophani egg

    I have a Sophani egg (Unhatched egg of Colorfulness) I want to trade for either a Kondrazi egg, Nadricura egg or Savarkin egg.
  18. Sternenxfuchs

    Solved Buying Diamonds doesn't work

    Hi hi, I did a purchase about 20$ (7,500 diamonds). Unfortunately i never received them - I waited for over an hour. As i looked up my transaction log I found it like this: what does it mean? xD What can I do? I tried again with a 5$ purchase a hour later and it was the same... I'm not...
  19. S

    Buying Buying Mag shards 302er

    Buying 302er Mag shards for 330k Send me per COD on Agid. Thx ^^
  20. Mikin-1

    Buying Buying All Natural DMG Shards

    Buying Natural DMG 462 energy for 200k each Buying Natural DMG 302 energy for 20k each COD all to Mikin - Thanks.