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  1. Dryadia

    Bug Report Savarkin black edge showing glitch

    there is a black edge showing on Savarkin dragon (also on the Savarkin from 'hold the fort' island PE)
  2. Zirothos

    Suggestion Black dragon accessory set

    and the ring since i don't have it wont be shown in the image the effect of all those item should be change / buff /effect change atm those item are not counted has any good since they have lower bonus then other item like , aram belt , kyros ring/ earring /kazura necklaces and many other...
  3. Kazunokun

    Suggestion true black for costumes

    the darkest "black" in the game you can choose for costumes sadly isn't really black, it has an rgb value of 2:R 2:G 1:B wich results in it having a green tone on some costume pieces, would be very cool if we could get a 1:R 1:G 1:B black