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  1. Seiichi

    Black Friday Dragon & Title Sales 2023

    All exclusive Dragons will be available until Monday at 11:59PM Pacific. We will also be putting custom titles on sale for that same period of time.
  2. Seiichi

    Dragon's Prophet Double Diamond Black Friday Sale 11/22-11/27

    We are having another Double Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 PM PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.
  3. Dryadia

    Bug Report Solved Savarkin black edge showing glitch

    there is a black edge showing on Savarkin dragon (also on the Savarkin from 'hold the fort' island PE)
  4. SaintBeast

    Suggestion Planned Expand Dye System + Increased Colors

    Hey, would it be possible to add the option for colouring weapons? so the boring weapons can get a new colour :D? would be nice. because there are a lot of weapons in game with a boring a bleched colour :D even if you would add an item to buy with diamonds so you can change colour of weapons...

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