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  1. Kazunokun

    Bug Report Elemental Res buff for full laedis disappearing every now and then

    So this is a pretty minor thing as it only happens every minute or so for like a second at a time, but the 7 piece set effect for ele Res from the Laedis 102 set seems to disappear. I can't confirm if it really does disappear or if the UI just doesn't catch up with the stats in game when the...
  2. K

    Suggestion Summoner damage buff / Rework

    Hello there. Im nobody. Summoner dmg needs a little buff atm as its really underperforming in Elga or general boss content and struggles on fast clearing floors on drakos compared to other classes: So after the introduction here is my suggestion: If possible either cut the animations of skills...
  3. Corv

    Bug Report Fortunate Potion Buff; Temp-Negation (Low)

    Bug: Disagreement between the Fortunate Potion buff and the Character Selection option from the menu. Severity: Low Description: When the drop buff from a Fortunate Potion is active, the drop rate goes up as expected. However, if a user logs their character out via the Character Select option...
  4. Kazunokun

    Bug Report Ranger 30% ele buff doesnt work 90% of the time

    So rangers have an ele buff on agno with their dragonbreath, wich is supposed to give you AND your teammates in range a 27.3% ele buff sor something like 20 seconds, but only the Ranger gets the buff the overwelming amount of time. Doesnt male a difference if you shoot through your teammates or...
  5. Amadeus

    Suggestion Elga

    Sooo.... Suggestions: Second form: Get rid of the whole Groggy-BS --> delete that action and be able to deal damage the whole time With that it would actually feel like a fight instead of players/Elga afk --> Keep the mechanic he does when you fail to groggy him and let him use it randomly...