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  1. Seiichi

    Event Crystalline Chaos Contest Winners

    Originally we had planned for only doing 5 winners, however with expanding the deadline and with the submissions that we got towards the end we ended up expanding the amount of winning submissions to 10. First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Sixth Place...
  2. Seiichi

    Event Completed Dragon's Prophet Coloring Event: Pony aka Mythical

    To enter this event you can digitally color the either White Stallion or Frightmare (we will include a full canvas, or a PSD). There are no maximum number of entries for people to submit, but you can only win one reward. We will be accepting submissions until December 1st, and afterwards we...
  3. Seiichi

    Event Candy King Haiku Event

    To enter, reply to this thread with a Haiku (or poem) about Candy King (or another dragon, but Candy King gets bonus points). If you're unfamiliar with Haiku, you can learn the structure and general concept here: How to Write a Haiku - https://www.sophia.org/tutorials/how-to-write-a-haiku. Do...
  4. Seiichi

    Event Best Media Contest

    Because we're going to need a lot of images to be used for announcement features on the portal, I figured I'd make it a contest. Rules for the contest: You can enter as many images as you wish You will get 100 credits for each image you post, up to a limit of 10 images and a maximum of 1000...