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  1. G

    Bug Report No credits for login??

    Hello Team, since 26. April 2023 I got no credits for login on website. IIs there an error or is this a setting? Thank you for your hard work. Galban
  2. komradtombstone

    Bug Report Solved Credits, platinum, diamonds...

    Morning folks. I've bought diamonds for Dragon's Prophet before, and had no problem. But today, I bought some platinum, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to either convert it to credits, or how to use the platinum to buy diamonds directly. When I go the "shop" if only gives me...
  3. Seiichi

    Announcement Credit Shop Re-Added

    A fix has been applied to the shop system to allow redemption of credits with the new system. Another fix will be applied in the future to differentiate redemption a bit more so that VIP points are not awarded for credit purchases, which they will be for a short while. There are some different...

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