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  1. Introducing: Samael, the Hellforged

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Samael, the Hellforged

    Here is the newest Dragon that will be coming to Dragon's Prophet: Samael, the Hellforged. This was originally meant to be a Halloween themed Dragon based off of Eseriel Frostshadow... But like always Aiden got a bit carried away. Samael will have separate title for male and female characters...
  2. Introducing: Zuo Ran, the Lover's String

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Zuo Ran, the Lover's String

    Here is the latest Dragon that Aiden has been working on: Zuo Ran, the Lover's String, the last of the two new Oriental Dragons. A pink noodle has been a request we've had or seen for years, so we figured we'd try to get one done for Valentine's day. This has all same texture modifications as...
  3. Introducing: Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor

    Here is the latest Dragon that Aiden has been working on: Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor, the first of two new Oriental Dragons. The idea was to do a texture similar to Galactic Storm (who now needs an update) and to refine and re-do a lot of the muddy texture quality on the existing noodles. Some...
  4. Introducing: Amarok, the Revenant

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Amarok, the Revenant

    Here is the final version of Amarok, the Revenant, the second Phantom that Aiden has textured from the Phantom Coloring Event. The original concept is by @Predagirl, though there have been some adjustments and refinements in details like with other textures. Like all exclusive Dragons Amarok...
  5. Introducing: Corroside, the Tropical Terror

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Corroside, the Tropical Terror

    Now that we have gotten the majority of pre-planned Dragons out of the way, Aiden has begun to start implementing the different Dragons that have been chosen from the coloring contests. The first of which is going to be Corroside, the Tropical Terror by @Jaslyn. There have been a few changes...
  6. Introducing: Atropus, the Baleful Shade

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Atropus, the Baleful Shade

    Here is the latest Dragon that Aiden has been working on: Atropus, the Baleful Shadow, a happy little accident of science Aiden made while showing Sovi techniques with textures. He takes inspiration from several different varieties of deadly nightshade. Players who have Atropus will have...
  7. Introducing: Alstromera, the Summer Queen

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Alstromera, the Summer Queen

    Here is the latest Dragon that Aiden has been working on: Alstromera, the Summer Queen, the first of three seasonal Sylvaran-variants. She represents summer, and the main inspiration was Lily of the Incas/Peruvian Lilies (Also known as Alstroemeria, which is also where we got the name with some...
  8. Introducing: Nyssilth, the Toxic Tyrant

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Nyssilth, the Toxic Tyrant

    Here is the latest Dragon that Aiden has created for us; she wanted to create a Duskreaver that wasn't a dark, neutral or boring. The Dragon itself takes heavy inspiration from Sea Slugs and also Poison Dart Frogs, which is where she got the ideas for the colors and also the pattern used...
  9. Introducing: Galactic Storm

    Dragon Preview Introducing: Galactic Storm

    As has been previewed in the past without the fixed emissive maps, here is the finished and final version of Galactic Storm, the first custom dragon that will be released for our server. This dragon has been handpainted by @Aiden and took quite a long period of time to create due to all the...
  10. Seiichi

    Announcement Introducing: Corroside, the Tropical Terror

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