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  1. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.49] Various bugfixes & puff towers

    Hello AdeptGamers, Quick following patch notes: Fixed B-Chop wiping all monsters on the map in VC Fixed following bounty quests (requirement or reward): Elga Commander bounty Element dungeon bounty Old Bone Dragon Added Dark Elemental attack to Chaos Tier Bone weapons (20% dark) Fixed Chaos...
  2. Fisolino

    Announcement [Maintenance] 25.01.2023 Server Maintenance

    Hello AdeptGamers, As already addressed ingame, the servers will go down in 17 minutes at 19:40 CET. There will be many bugfixes. Downtime will be approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.40] Chaos tier introduction, story quests added

    Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes Before I get into the adjusted and new systems, let me bring you closer to the other changes that have occurred regarding the content added earlier. Added a new story questline continuing the story post Elga's defeat. You can start the quest...
  4. Fisolino

    Announcement [Maintenance] 24.01.2023 Server Maintenance

    Hello AdeptGamers, The servers have gone down for maintenance for patch maintenance. It may take some time due to the workload and other changes needing to be made on the server. Approximate downtime cannot exactly be said, but estimate is around 6 hours from now. Thank you for your patience.
  5. K

    Bug Report Ice dungeon bug

    The gate is open but it wouldn't let me through This is on the path on the right after 1st boss
  6. Amadeus

    Bug Report Sentinel Stat Conversion

    According to this Patch, Sentinel stats should be converted like this: (only listing incorrect stats) STR to ATK: 12 DEX to CRATE: 4.5 . What it ACTUALLY is right now: STR to ATK: 6 DEX to CRATE: 3 . Honorable mention: STR to CRATE: 1.5 (+0.5) -> 1.5 is default and since Fiso wrote +0.5 (0.5...
  7. Amadeus

    Bug Report Sorcerer Stat Conversion

    https://adeptgamer.com/threads/patch-notes-stat-reworks-and-new-balance-concepts-patch.6514/ . According to mentioned Patch Notes above, the Stat Conversion for Sorcerer SHOULD be this: . (only listing stats that are incorrect) INT to MATK: 15 INT to MDEF: 5 DEX to CRATE: 3.5 What the stats...
  8. Amadeus

    Bug Report Strength to Crit Rate Conversion

    https://adeptgamer.com/threads/patch-notes-stat-reworks-and-new-balance-concepts-patch.6514/ . Strength to Crit Rate Conversion was added in the patch above. However, there is a mistake in the formula. BASE Strength gets converted just fine, but ONLY BASE. . Base Strength is: whatever stats you...
  9. Amadeus

    Bug Report OLD Van Cliff: B-Chop

    Killing the boss "B-Chop" in Botanic Garden map (which drops Gate Keeper piece 3) causes ALL other monsters on the map to be killed as well, which includes the boss to drop the 4th piece and therefore not being able to get this one. Workaround for players: After killing B-Chop, go back to the...
  10. Amadeus

    Bug Report OLD Tutu Tree Forest Portals

    OLD Tutu Tree Forest Map has the portals "Forgotten Village" and "Ruined Mushroom Factory" which work as intended. If you go from these maps back to Tutu Tree Forest, you spawn at the wrong portal. Example: Currently in Forgotten Village -> use portal to Tutu Tree Forest -> you spawn next to...
  11. Amadeus

    Bug Report Crafting Bone Gun Staff without Diamond Bone

    The recipe for Bone Gun Staff doesn't require a Diamond Bone.
  12. Amadeus

    Bug Report Drakos Gacha Box

    Opening said box (from Paris Bounty quest reward), I got an error saying something along the lines of "Error in item creation" (can't remember the exact message) Edit: Got it again so here's a screenshot
  13. Amadeus

    Bug Report Elga: No Rewards

    Sometimes after killing Elga, everyone gets kicked out before getting rewards. If you have quests to kill Elga, the kill may or may not count (we have seen both multiple times, not sure why it's random). Will update this thread if I ever figure out why/how this is caused.
  14. E

    Suggestion Few item suggestion to add

    Hi, Id like to start this by saying: Im new to the server, and this is based on my experience playing there so far, so i may be missing something or wrong on specific things. I took a good look at the item shop, the few item exchange around the maps i have visited and i think there some very...
  15. K

    Suggestion Sorcerer buffs

    Make mana shield scale bonus with INT, like 2% or 1.5% per 100 INT. Make the electric ball can crit and lower animation time. This class was supposed to be the equivalent of overlord, slow, clunky but high dps and durable. The dps part is a joke, as everyone knows. Slow and clunky, true, to the...
  16. K

    Bug Report Elga bugs

    If you kill the eye right when the eye duration ends, it will create a new shield for that same eye, but still start heart phase since technically you did manage to kill the eye, resulting in 2 shields when the heart phase ends. 1661221533 At the 2nd phase if you're holding x to spam and elga...
  17. K

    Bug Report Wrong portal destination (new continent)

    "Volcanic ash hill" leads to Belkan sanctuary
  18. NeoTalon

    Bug Report OLD map issues i found

    -OLD Forgotten Village mobs are not at the lvl 85+ Range & don't have Element yet -OLD God's Sanctuary NPCs are doubled & are flying on the map (can be seen with minimap) -OLD Tutu Tree Forest mobs spawn midair and fall down to their supposed spawn position
  19. K

    Suggestion Old PoW - stuff I found

    Thread will be edited when new stuff is being found. Alright so checking old PoW so far. - Portal away from there is missing when your pet is dead ur a bit screwd as well. - Beardedwhalecoast got all mob lvls increased to 80 I think it was? But the F1 mission mobs were lvl 78 and the boss room...
  20. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.35] Element Update and Content Expansion

    Hello AdeptGamers, It is time for the new Element Update! This patch offers an overhaul of said system as well as two new continents players can re-explore from the past. This iteration, however, is not the last and the world will still go through changes (visually). I will also potentially add...

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