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  1. E

    Suggestion Few item suggestion to add

    Hi, Id like to start this by saying: Im new to the server, and this is based on my experience playing there so far, so i may be missing something or wrong on specific things. I took a good look at the item shop, the few item exchange around the maps i have visited and i think there some very...
  2. K

    Suggestion Sorcerer buffs

    Make mana shield scale bonus with INT, like 2% or 1.5% per 100 INT. Make the electric ball can crit and lower animation time. This class was supposed to be the equivalent of overlord, slow, clunky but high dps and durable. The dps part is a joke, as everyone knows. Slow and clunky, true, to the...
  3. K

    Bug Report Elga bugs

    If you kill the eye right when the eye duration ends, it will create a new shield for that same eye, but still start heart phase since technically you did manage to kill the eye, resulting in 2 shields when the heart phase ends. 1661221533 At the 2nd phase if you're holding x to spam and elga...
  4. K

    Bug Report Wrong portal destination (new continent)

    "Volcanic ash hill" leads to Belkan sanctuary
  5. NeoTalon

    Bug Report OLD map issues i found

    -OLD Forgotten Village mobs are not at the lvl 85+ Range & don't have Element yet -OLD God's Sanctuary NPCs are doubled & are flying on the map (can be seen with minimap) -OLD Tutu Tree Forest mobs spawn midair and fall down to their supposed spawn position
  6. K

    Suggestion Old PoW - stuff I found

    Thread will be edited when new stuff is being found. Alright so checking old PoW so far. - Portal away from there is missing when your pet is dead ur a bit screwd as well. - Beardedwhalecoast got all mob lvls increased to 80 I think it was? But the F1 mission mobs were lvl 78 and the boss room...
  7. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.35] Element Update and Content Expansion

    Hello AdeptGamers, It is time for the new Element Update! This patch offers an overhaul of said system as well as two new continents players can re-explore from the past. This iteration, however, is not the last and the world will still go through changes (visually). I will also potentially add...
  8. Fisolino

    Announcement [Done] [Maintenance] 18.08.2022 Server Maintenance

    Hello AdeptGamers, At 9:15 AM CEST/7:15 AM UTC/12:15 AM PDT, the servers will go down for server maintenance. During this time, the new content expansion and element update will be added. https://adeptgamer.com/threads/taking-the-next-steps-in-the-experimental-alpha.7266/ Approximate downtime...
  9. Fisolino

    Announcement Developer Update Taking the next steps in the Experimental Alpha

    Hello AdeptGamers, It has been two months since we have changed from being on hiatus to an experimental alpha, introducing two new features: Account Quests and Master Mode (for Drakos). In a following update we added Enchant Pity and Failover Successrates which enable smoother enchanting and...
  10. M

    Possible critical bug

    Hi there, I have't verfied it yet, but if the game spill the adress as text - it's never good ;) From experience i could say that could result f.e. RCE or something simmilar
  11. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 30% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/15-10/17

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.
  12. Seiichi

    Sale Completed 50% Dragon's Prophet Diamond Bonus Weekend 10/01-10/03

    We are having another 50% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 AM PST. You can purchase Diamonds here.
  13. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.28] Huge Paris and Elga nerfs, Bloody drop increase

    Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current Patch Notes: Drastically reduced the HP of Drakos mobs Reduced Paris (both forms) HP Drastically reduced all offensive stats of Elga (all forms) Drastically reduced HP of all Elga Forms (~54-56 first two forms, ~119m 3rd) Increased Bloody drop rate...
  14. Fisolino

    Announcement [Maintenance] 21.08.2021 Server Maintenance (patch)

    Hello AdeptGamers, In about 13 minutes, at 8:50 PM CEST/11:50 AM PDT, the servers will go down for patch maintenance. https://adeptgamer.com/threads/patch-1-0-28-huge-paris-and-elga-nerfs-bloody-drop-increase.6983/ Downtime will be approximately 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience.
  15. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [20/08/2021] Maintenance Note

    Hello AdeptGamers, The server maintenance has finished and you'll be able to patch a config file. The server has been moved to another location. Server time is now equal to: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Thank you for your patience.
  16. Fisolino

    Announcement [Done] [Maintenance] 20/08/2021 Server Maintenance

    Hello AdeptGamers, In about 31 minutes, at 6 PM CEST, the servers will go down for server maintenance. During this maintenance, the server will be moved to another location which is easier to sustain and a little more cheaper during the hiatus until the server is shut down for an eventual...
  17. Fisolino

    Announcement Developer Update We would like your opinion!

    Hello AdeptGamers, As most of you are going to be aware about our indefinite hiatus, I think now is a good time to ask for your feedback for our rework of the server (no data when). We would like your general feedback and have 2 more questions. You can post all of this here. What were you...
  18. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.25] CAAAAAAASH

    Hello AdeptGamers CAAAAAAAAAASH Added 200 and 1000 cash pouches at daisy for 700/3500g respectively Thank you for your patience. lul
  19. Fisolino

    Announcement [Done] [Maintenance] 03/07/2021 Server Maintenance

    Hello AdeptGamers, In about 22 minutes, 12:15 CEST, the servers will go down for patch maintenance. The server is still in indefinite hiatus. During this patch, a gold to cash option will be implemented. Approximate downtime: 30-45 minutes...
  20. Seiichi

    Announcement Indefinite Hiatus

    Due to some recent events in Fisolino's life as well as his upcoming University schedule we have decided that it is best to officially put our Dragon Saga server on indefinite hiatus. There have also been some changes to team structure over the last year, and we have had to re-assess some of the...

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