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  1. WolfKat

    Maybe dumb question

    I've been peeking at the Costumes tab in my character menu a few times and tried to move a low stat (but nice-looking) gear piece into the slots (as I would in the other MMOs I play when doing cosmetics/transmutations). It didn't work, haha. Is it only for items that would be tagged as costume...
  2. S

    Buying WTB High Ora gear 105/108 magic stats

    Buying high ora gear 105/ and high Ora Gear 108 Weapon / Rings and Earrings and Necklace etc. Only high magic stats .
  3. Wolfstar21

    Laedis 102 Gear

    Which piece of the Laedis gear do people think is the easiest to get? Neckless, ring, ear rings?
  4. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  5. M

    About Laedis 94 and 102 sets

    Hi can anyone advice on how to complete the laedis 94 and 102 sets solo if possible? Currently lv93 Guardian.
  6. Screenshot 2018-09-25 03.32.47

    Screenshot 2018-09-25 03.32.47

    looking good in this gear
  7. Sovi

    Guide Collectable Costumes of Auratia!

    NOTE - there is a guide already that details specifically where everything is in the game aside from these sets. This is simply a guide displaying ALTERNATIVE ways to get this gear, so it's far from a copy, it's more like updated and added stuff that I really hope will be considered to be added...
  8. derkiler

    Suggestion Rejected Level Limitter

    Hey there :) I would like to see, if someone else want a Level Limitter. Maybe someone else know this from other games, like me. Why: It would be able to stay on specific Levels, which allows you to farm like: - Costume/Skins - Gear (overstatting/105 gear/..) - Dragon Skill leveling ->...

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