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  1. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  2. M

    About Laedis 94 and 102 sets

    Hi can anyone advice on how to complete the laedis 94 and 102 sets solo if possible? Currently lv93 Guardian.
  3. Amadeus

    Suggestion Gear Rework / Discussion

    As I've heard the sets will be reworked again, I'd like to present my idea (that I had a long time ago) to everyone and get your opinion. Keep in mind, that this is not perfect of course. Problems and possible "solutions" are listed below as well as my opinion of the current system. PLEASE READ...
  4. Screenshot 2018-09-25 03.32.47

    Screenshot 2018-09-25 03.32.47

    looking good in this gear
  5. Sovi

    Guide Collectable Costumes of Auratia!

    NOTE - there is a guide already that details specifically where everything is in the game aside from these sets. This is simply a guide displaying ALTERNATIVE ways to get this gear, so it's far from a copy, it's more like updated and added stuff that I really hope will be considered to be added...
  6. derkiler

    Suggestion Rejected Level Limitter

    Hey there :) I would like to see, if someone else want a Level Limitter. Maybe someone else know this from other games, like me. Why: It would be able to stay on specific Levels, which allows you to farm like: - Costume/Skins - Gear (overstatting/105 gear/..) - Dragon Skill leveling ->...

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