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  1. Skippo


    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a taming/dragon game for a while. I had originally found out about Dragons Prophet years ago and got very excited about playing it. However, it was shut down just before I got a chance to. I've been looking for a game similar to it for quite some time and...
  2. AshaDragon

    Hello all :)

    First, a big thank you to all who are keeping this game alive! I started playing a few months before the official game (US servers) was discontinued and rage quit because I had spent a LOT of money and couldn't transfer my account. After watching some "documentary" style game play vids on you...
  3. WolfKat

    Hello! Nostalgic, Past Player Here

    I was thinking of this game again recently and itching to tame/collect dragons - but didn't think I could play it anymore since I heard the original servers shut down. (The little money I scraped up in high school to get more dragon slots, gone 2 or so years later. -sighs-) I tend to be wary of...
  4. AlexHoll

    Hello everyone!

    I've been here recently and heard that there are a lot of people from different countries here! Moreover, many events work mainly at night by local time. I wonder where you are from :) I'm from Russia.
  5. AngelicDivine

    Hello everyone!!!

    I am so glad to be here i missed dragons prophet so very much and i cant wait to jump in and play!!!
  6. Sininsterme


    Hello all, Loved this game from day 1. Played on a few private servers still trying to find a good place.
  7. WoinaMH

    Hello to all

    hi to everyone
  8. Trickster

    Magnifique présentation.

    My friend told me to make an introduction post after registering. Yo, what's up? Name's Trickster. I know nothing about this game. Yup, absolutely nothing. I mean, I'm sure it works like any other MMORPG, but yeah... you get what I mean. I am willing to discover Dragons Prophet, even on a...

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