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  1. WolfKat

    Draconic Flute Crystal?

    What are the crystals and where do they come from to have 100 of them for this? Got it from turning in a level 25 dragon for the Academy thing.
  2. WolfKat

    How to get to Arboran's airship?

    This city is cool, but like a massive maze to me. Reminding me of how confusing Limsa (from FFXIV) and some Pokemon game cities will be for me too. I haven't found a visual guide to point me in the right direction to the airship for the main quest. I'm stumped... It seems like there's an upper...
  3. SolaceHaven

    Bug Report Need help...

    So I've made an account on here for Dragons Prophet and installed the game, as well as done a few things relating to account progress. Yet when I go to attempt to sign into the game with the said made account it says to check my username and password. Yes, I've double-checked the spelling. Have...
  4. AncientOne

    Many questions (help pls)

    Hello! As a returning player, I decided to be more careful than before when it comes to strategy, dragon stats, damage, etc. So I want to learn a lot of things, but I don't find all the answers I need on google nor youtube. After coming back I got also idea of trying to obtain things I couldn't...
  5. Keys

    help for old ones

    I played Savage Hunt a long time ago, but forgott so much stuff and need all the infos about the dragon skill, the use of each dragen etc. Is there a place where i can find someone who can explain it all to me? xD Preferd in german haha

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