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  1. Arborath

    Ancient Egg Hoarder Returns

    Greetings! Like the title says I'm an old member from the original games returning to find a new server that hits my heart. This game was my introduction to MMOs and it has a special place in my heart, hearing the old server completely shut down devastated me for literal years till the other...
  2. zomimir

    Old DP player

    Hello! I realized i haven't made an introduction post even tho i've actually been on here for a little while. I used to play Dragon's Prophet frequently because i was trying to get as much title-granting dragons as i could, but then the server closing thing happened and it kinda stung because i...
  3. C


    Hey there, Just wanted to introduce myself quickly. I'm a longtime DP player. I played NA pretty much from the month the servers went live, switched to EU after NA closed, and I'm here now. Sad to have seen the official servers close (twice, lol), it was such a great concept for a game, but I'm...
  4. ClaimSuit

    The Suitman Has Commeth

    just an old DP player, found a link on the steam boards for it that some private servers exist for it and am hopeful it could be like the old days. might not be active too terribly much, so much to do and all that, but heres hoping i can get a chance to join this game again after the total nuke...
  5. elifkoc

    Hi im new

    Hi im new in this server