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  1. Skippo


    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a taming/dragon game for a while. I had originally found out about Dragons Prophet years ago and got very excited about playing it. However, it was shut down just before I got a chance to. I've been looking for a game similar to it for quite some time and...
  2. Nyteshade

    Introduction: New Old to the game

    Hello, new to this version but I played since NA Beta. I'm looking forward to playing.
  3. Alfa

    Using the introduction thread to ask thing....

    Hello ! Because i already made a introduction post on the forum and to check the '' create a introdution post '' task, i would ask a few question.... 1rst : I don't see all dragon in the shop like Sadras, Archon, Skardis etc etc.... So did they will be available one day ? 2nd : Is there is a...
  4. MrBallins

    New player, kinda old

    My account progress tracker told me to make an introduction post, so here I am. I used to play Dragon's Prophet ages ago, before it was known as Savage Hunt and while it still had several different starting zones. I am not sure how long I will remain here, but I hope that I can capture the joy...
  5. RXDenver

    Rytsas! :)

    Rytsas means "hello" in high valyrian, so hello to you. I'm Denver, an apprentice developer from Germany. I've been missing DP for a while, found out it shut down a few years ago but never came across an emulator or something until searching again today. I'm already looking forward to trying...
  6. Wyv3rn L0v3r

    Im New To The Game So Far I Am Liking It

    I was originally a Fortnite Save The World grinder and play alot of Rocket Racing {Yes I am an Unreal racer} with 5K hours but after so long I wanted something different and I am trying to avoid PVP games so I got recommended this game and I really like it reminds me of blessed unleased but...
  7. HeadHunterZ0622

    Finally found you!

    Hello! I'm a variety gamer, recently got back into WoW on my old p server, which gave me the idea of looking for one for this game, and I'm so glad, I found you all! I gave up hope years ago, that I could play Dragon's Prophet, and this is a dream come true! I wanted to play it back in the day...
  8. Bardsgames


    Hello everyone I am happy to see that the game I love still exist , I was so sad when I saw it was closed . I am bardsgames , I love to create 3D objects and dragons , I study 3D animation so I might not be able to play everyday but I think you will see me often in game. :)
  9. Algar4th

    10 Year Haitus

    Wow. After all this time, Dragon's Prophet still has a special place in my memories. I'll give this server a shot an see if I can reclaim my former glory! I'm not sure the rules for posting links yet, so for now I'll leave the title to the last video I made of this game: Dragon's Prophet PvP -...
  10. Frostmint

    Helloo :D

    Heyo, finally went and made an account here! My names Frostmint, that you can hopefully read as my username :D I love DP, it's a core memory game for me, super hype that theres people that care so much about it! Thank you guys ^^ Well, as you could probably tell, dragons are my life! Excited to...
  11. talogonia


    hello all glad to be playing dp
  12. Reigne

    Introduction: I'm so glad to see DP!

    I'm stoked to see that Dragon's Prophet has been revived. Hello - I'm Reigne (they/he). I'm queer, neurodivergent, and disabled. I draw. Dragons are one of my top faves! I'm working on getting into the game ASAP and look forward to playing again.
  13. M

    Hi all

    Greeting, im glad to found this community that´s, keep some nostalgic old fashion MMOS alive. Im Marothes .... im looking forward to have some fun whilst playing DP
  14. Romane 2308


    Hello everyone! Belgian player here, I used to play DP when I was a teen. I was super sad to find out it closed, and nostalgic, I made some searches about it to remind me of the good old time. It's a hasard that I found this server, and a good hasard ! I've started to play here two months ago...
  15. AshaDragon

    Hello all :)

    First, a big thank you to all who are keeping this game alive! I started playing a few months before the official game (US servers) was discontinued and rage quit because I had spent a LOT of money and couldn't transfer my account. After watching some "documentary" style game play vids on you...
  16. G

    Coming back home

    I used to play this game back when I was in middle school, I loved the aspect of the game of running around exploring the world, taming new dragon's and competing in dragon tournaments. It was my absolute favorite game in the world. I remember my 9th grade year that the announcement that...
  17. WolfKat

    Hello! Nostalgic, Past Player Here

    I was thinking of this game again recently and itching to tame/collect dragons - but didn't think I could play it anymore since I heard the original servers shut down. (The little money I scraped up in high school to get more dragon slots, gone 2 or so years later. -sighs-) I tend to be wary of...
  18. RostigerNagel


    Kontofortschritt ;)
  19. RavinRav

    Good Day/Night!

    New player here. I've played many a mmo's back in the day and miss em all. Found out this one (dragon's prophet) shut down a while ago and it made me super sad because it was such a good one for it's time but never shone to it's potential. Thank you to AdeptGamers for bringing it back and...
  20. ANTEK

    ; )


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