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  1. EiskalterEngel

    Bug Report Island Bug?

    I just wanted to move into my house and my eggs, but I can't because the zone wouldn't be free for exploration oO. The whole island doesn't seem to exist, and there's nothing about the guild port either
  2. Onylink

    Island Plot 700x700

    Hi, I am looking for a plot 700x700 on a "green" island, with grass and trees, does someone know where i can find one ? Thx. Bonjour, Je suis à la recherhce d'un terrain de 700x700 sur une ile verdoyante, ça fait un moment que je cherche mais pour l'instant je n'en ai pas trouvé. Est-ce que...
  3. kingovscots

    how do i capture Island in territory wars?

    i want to know the process of how to take an island, because I have loads of points and there is a few that are not claimed, if I am right do I need to destroy the nodes then do the alter then destroy the dragon, I have forgotten we use to do the islands all together but I am alone now so need...
  4. C

    Suggestion Rejected Possibility of the Island "Misty Shroud"

    Hello to everybody, At First, I would like to say that english isn't my main language. So sorry, if there are some mistakes. o_O Some months ago i asked Seiichi, if there is a possibility to open / implement the Island "Misty Shroud". After my question I received the answer, that it's nothing...

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