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  1. Alfa

    Question about a few item in the shop

    Hello ! I see that their is a few object in the shop that don't have a description and i was wondering what they give like the little orb / egg with a lot of color in the special offer section, and with this icon with a skull and a green backround for exemple ? And second question, was give...
  2. AncientOne

    Suggestion Implemented Very rare item that can max out stats of an egg and/or reduce it's incubation time

    Hello, So my next suggestion would be an item, like a ticket or something, that can instantly add like half of the stat bar on the incubating egg, and reduce the incubation time. I was thinking about it because maybe it can help people to save some time? I can imagine it can have positive...
  3. Mario1980

    Bug Report Solved Item name and description are missing for some

    Is it normal that some items have no name and no description, both in the diamond shop and afterwards in the marketplace backpack. Particularly noticeable is the missing name and description on the offer page in the diamonds shop. I suspect that there could also be dragons but it would be nice...
  4. SaintBeast

    Suggestion Adding Attribute Stones V and Charisma IV stones

    Btw is it possible to add new Attribut stones? Like attributes V or even a charisma IV stone :o Charisma stones are rly to weak atm cause they are just Charisma II ... but charisma aswell excist as IV so stones would be nice :) and we do need attribute V stones so we can better overstat 108 gear...

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