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  1. BlackDino23

    Joining Past DP player looking for New Peeps to join!

    Yo! I used to play DP back in the day and just found this place. Now I'm looking to for a guild to join. I'm mostly a PVE player and I'm english only speaking. So if there are guilds that are looking for some fresh meat but not to fresh please feel free to hit me up. If it means anything, I...
  2. Sherinae

    Joining Looking for guild

    Hello. I am a fresh player on this server with 41lvl char right now and I am looking for chill EU guild/group of friends to roam around, catch some dragons and just talk to. I am playing Guardian rn and I plan to make her my main. I speak English, some German and Polish. The guild should have...
  3. Haggy

    Joining Looking for a guild

    Hello! I haven't played this game in a long, long time. I recently got back into it, thanks to a friend who mentioned that this game still existed and was being handled by the community(?) Anyway! I was wondering, are there any active-social guilds recruiting? I'm not really a hardcore gamer...
  4. Y

    Joining looking for guild

    havent played for some years now. and enjoying the game play again. looking for a guild to help me reach one of my goal. some is the golden gear. so that will say the big big dungeons will repay that help with helping out others as i can. english typer 6/10 . english speaker 2/10 atm im lvl 78...