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  1. Dryadia

    Bug Report Forum login credit not working

    login credit not working since last night.
  2. Dryadia

    Bug Report Solved Login Reward not there

    The in-game Login Reward is not showing up...no icon, and not listed on drop-down, where the treasure chest icon is at top of bar. Relogging doesn' t work to get it to come back either.
  3. G

    Bug Report No credits for login??

    Hello Team, since 26. April 2023 I got no credits for login on website. IIs there an error or is this a setting? Thank you for your hard work. Galban
  4. B

    Bug Report Login Problem

    Hello, I have a problem logging in. I can't get into the game with my password, it hasn't been changed by me. I hope it hasn't been hacked. The launcher has loaded an update, now i can't get into the game, maybe it has something to do with it ?
  5. tenesytenesy

    Bug Report Solved I can not enter the game (

    I tried to enter the game, write down the username and password, email and password, nothing matches and writes "please check your username and password" checked the spelling several times

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