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  1. Alfa

    New old player !

    Hello, french player here ! I was a player of DP year before and i was really sad when the game close because I have a lot of memories and good moment in this game. I try to find way to play it but never found a real one until now ! I'm so happy to play again one of my favorite game. And...
  2. Reigne

    Introduction: I'm so glad to see DP!

    I'm stoked to see that Dragon's Prophet has been revived. Hello - I'm Reigne (they/he). I'm queer, neurodivergent, and disabled. I draw. Dragons are one of my top faves! I'm working on getting into the game ASAP and look forward to playing again.
  3. AshaDragon

    Hello all :)

    First, a big thank you to all who are keeping this game alive! I started playing a few months before the official game (US servers) was discontinued and rage quit because I had spent a LOT of money and couldn't transfer my account. After watching some "documentary" style game play vids on you...
  4. G

    Coming back home

    I used to play this game back when I was in middle school, I loved the aspect of the game of running around exploring the world, taming new dragon's and competing in dragon tournaments. It was my absolute favorite game in the world. I remember my 9th grade year that the announcement that...
  5. WolfKat

    Hello! Nostalgic, Past Player Here

    I was thinking of this game again recently and itching to tame/collect dragons - but didn't think I could play it anymore since I heard the original servers shut down. (The little money I scraped up in high school to get more dragon slots, gone 2 or so years later. -sighs-) I tend to be wary of...

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