1. F

    Suggestion Make Event Pets tradeable?

    Does anything speak against making the valentine event pets sellable through the market? Greetings
  2. Doomslayer

    Pivargo Fanart

    a small handpainted floof ^^ i just love this pet
  3. Doomslayer

    Suggestion New Lootpet idea

    i designed this for a lootpet suggestion. name : Jhonny
  4. Awsom Spike :D

    Awsom Spike :D

  5. AlphaWulf

    Suggestion Mounts & Pets

    Mounts: As mounts leveled up they changed appearance but still there weren't very many mount options. A pegasus, a manta ray, a scorpion, and a dragon for the higher ranked players, usually for VIP5+ Was thinking maybe add more mounts? You get the pegasus from the story but everything after...
  6. Seiichi

    Introduce your pet!

    Use this thread to post all of the pictures of your pets.