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  1. WolfKat

    Got a cool purple egg!

    Just wanted to show this to you guys here. I looked up the two listed possible dragons, and Cobalt Lightning appeals to me the most so far. But first, I gotta work toward having more slots for dragons... I like my current 4 basic dragons a lot. And I've already spent a lot of time on them at...
  2. AncientOne

    Suggestion Planned Dragon egg powder +10% or +1% green rarity

    Hello, I'm back with more suggestions about eggs and egg hatching. As I was trying to incubate a wandering lotus dragon with a purple egg, I have noticed there is no powder that allows us to augment the green rarity, and remove purple and blue ones. Please add a powder that can add +10% green...
  3. Gaia Lumen.png

    Gaia Lumen.png

    Gaia Lumen is a beautiful dragon from the northern reaches of Auratia. Its exotic patterns make it highly desired amongst the most wealthy of the Osirian. It would seem they are mostly domesticated, being terrible wild hunters. They can however be trained as ample units in an army, though not common

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