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  1. Nyteshade

    Bug Report Can't get the market from Road quest

    When I find the merchant from the road quest he doesn't show me his goods. This is the one usually has Napolite for sale among other things. My friend also has this problem. He says it won't come up for him either.
  2. Nymbil

    Conquer "Fear" quest in Paeon Farm

    I am doing quests at Paeon Farm, and it has been a long while since I have done these. Alchemist Julie has a quest line involving the Fearsom Doom dragon. I am at the part where it says "add catalyst when producing ring of the fearless or another item" but catalyst is a market item. Do you have...
  3. WolfKat

    How to get to Arboran's airship?

    This city is cool, but like a massive maze to me. Reminding me of how confusing Limsa (from FFXIV) and some Pokemon game cities will be for me too. I haven't found a visual guide to point me in the right direction to the airship for the main quest. I'm stumped... It seems like there's an upper...
  4. EvaLinn

    Quest Vulture Excavator's Map

    Hello! I have a big problem. I dig out the chest and its just dissapeared and this quest is completed. I couldn't loot it. What do I have to do?
  5. HalKal

    Wizard's Manual quest

    So, I got a Wizard's Manual from clearing Well of Prophecy in Winnadia. Can anyone help me with what to do with it? It appears to be for a hidden quest or something, but I can't make sense of it.
  6. E

    Bug Report Solved Stories of the Past, Power of the Future

    I have went through all three books tried relogging making a new character to redo everything. Nothing is letting me complete the quest. It is still white and I read all three books.
  7. Silkshoes

    Help with Breeders Diary

    I have collected the 1st set of pages to form the Breeders Diary & handed it in to Dissembler Kenny on the roadside out of Oraville Porthis. There is a further quest to collect more pages to make a complete diary - * Check map no markers for this quest just a widened area. * Check net, only...
  8. I don't wanna die!

    I don't wanna die!

    Also apparently I'm a general now.

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