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  1. Alfa

    Question about a few item in the shop

    Hello ! I see that their is a few object in the shop that don't have a description and i was wondering what they give like the little orb / egg with a lot of color in the special offer section, and with this icon with a skull and a green backround for exemple ? And second question, was give...
  2. Nymbil

    Couple of questions

    Back to playing after a while away, and started a new character with a friend who has never played. I have realized I have forgotten a ton, so sorry for the silly questions. 1) How do you expand your stable/lair without using the expansion cards that come in the starter pack? I want to save...
  3. AshaDragon

    Question About Satuma Zone

    Baka is open in the Adept server, is Satuma open and if so how do I get there? Is it a start area or the mostly closed official area that was opened in the official game? Thank you in advance for any replies :)
  4. Om3g452

    Companion pack and dragon preview

    Hi, Is it possible to put the "Companion packs" in the dragon devises section ? Is it also possible to put preview on the new dragons on a name in the market place ? I can't reconise the dragon just by it's egg... Some items also doesn't have names so, i don't know the use of them... Thx for...

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