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  1. Yeah im Rusted

    Random ui closing

    (i hope this is what you meant by making a bug report and not a ticket seiichi) Since it still seems to happen at the same way i will just paste what i wrote here before, but one thing ive seen is this doesnt seem to be happening with quest NPCs recently (around 2-3 weeks now) almost every...
  2. Seiichi

    Announcement Random Connection Loss

    We are having an issue where the connection to the server is loss (though it has only happened two times), and are going to have to look into why it is happening. It seems to only happen for a few minutes, so it may be a pre-cursor to a large DDoS attack, or may be something at the data center...
  3. Game option - Standard Apperance

    Game option - Standard Apperance

    making everyone into clones of each other.