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Announcement Buying & Selling Accounts, and Sharing Accounts


Oct 20, 2016
Given recent events with some players selling their accounts, and the people buying them not thinking, I am having to address the subject and put forth an official stance on it

Buying & Selling Accounts

Like with many player interactions, it is pretty much impossible to enforce certain things that can happen outside of the game. As such we cannot ban or prevent the buying or selling of game or network accounts.

In the case of selling individual game accounts, because of the way that we have setup our registration system all game accounts are owned by the network account, which means that the person who owns the network account can take back a game account at any given time. They control the password, and the secondary password of any game account.

In the case of selling a network account, because of the multiple account policy that we have you would be in violation of that which can eventually lead to a ban. At the very least, having multiple network accounts will get both account restricted.

We also provide no support for the buying or selling of accounts; if you get scammed, that is on you and we aren't obligated to step in and deal with the situation.

We will also not transfer game accounts, merge network accounts or modify data on an account.

Sharing Accounts

Because this is somewhat in the same vein as Buying & Selling accounts, I will address this as well.

This is again something that really cannot be banned or prevented, so we turn a blind eye to it as I know many people will share accounts with their significant other, family or their friends and in many cases that will have no repercussions. However in the chance that there is a falling out, and things go missing due to theft or deletion, it is unlikely that we will step in.

On the chance that someone has been exploiting or cheating on a shared account, the account owner and the person cheating and exploiting will both be dealt with.

This policy is going to be strict going forward, and if you come to any staff regarding either of these matter you will just be forwarded to this or bluntly told we do not provide support.

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