Because this has been a problem off and on, and bad actors have attempted to bypass and co-opt the rules for their own purposes I am going to be clarifying them officially.

Island limit per alliance

We use the Dominion limit shown in the alliance UI for the limit, which is currently set to two. This will changed in the future once we fix the bug that prevents the Dominion value from changing in line with the value displayed for quests, but it requires a source change for this to work properly.

Going over this limit can happen accidentally, so breaking this rule will be on a case by case situation and I will account for any situations you have been involved with in the past. Generally warnings will be given out, however if you are someone who has been known to purposely create drama I can and will likely choose to do at least a temporary ban.

Alt alliances to bypass limit

While this does not directly break the above rule, it creates a situation where it is a letter vs intent situation. Any people purposely trying to bypass the limit by using alt guilds or any other means will be banned after a single warning. Whether this is temporary or permanent will depend on the people and any past occurrences. I also will decide on who the ban applies to depending on the situation, so it may be just the leadership involved, could be anyone involved with bypassing the restriction, or it could be entire alliances if I'm truly fed up with wasting my time on you.

This is not up for discussion, debate or really even opinions. At this point due to the drama of two separate groups over the last year, at least 30-50 hours has been pulled away from working on other tasks related to the network to deal with these ongoing pointless issues.