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Coming back home


Dec 4, 2023
I used to play this game back when I was in middle school, I loved the aspect of the game of running around exploring the world, taming new dragon's and competing in dragon tournaments. It was my absolute favorite game in the world.

I remember my 9th grade year that the announcement that Dragon's Prophet NA server is getting shut down, and I was so upset. Countless hours grinding eggs and gear and recently got my Dragon God abilities. But with a heavy heart I laid down my sword and put my dragon's to rest.

Couple years later I was scrolling through games on steam to find the EU server of dragon's prophet. I was absolutely ecstatic and immediately downloaded the game again and came back into the world of Dragon's Prophet. Sadly shortly after the game shut down for good, and I was upset I'll never get to experience the game again.

Within the last week or so of November/beginning of December I've been thinking about the game a lot, and how much I wish I could play the game again. And I found videos of AdeptGamer Dragon's Prophet. I was very skeptical that I was going to get a virus and a bunch of other stuff. But in the end I tried it, and to my surprise it worked! I've only been playing a couple days now, but I'm having a blast re-exploring the world and taming dragon's again!

Its nice to be home again. I pray that this server never gets shut down so finally I can experience the whole game!


Nov 29, 2023
Welcome back to the game! I had a similar experience to yours - past US server player as well. There's a lot I forgot over the years, but I'm getting my bearings in the gameplay again.

Hope you enjoy your stay too! May you get awesome dragons once more. 🐉

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