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    This thread will be updated every so often with the changelogs and updates that we have been making so that people will have a single location to look. Not everything will be included, but the majority should be.

    The below changes will only reflect what has been done over the last month, and not things that we have done previously. Usually only larger changes or adjustments will be added.
    • Fixed Laedis 102 Quest
    • Added missing Brastens to Battleground Merchant, as well as removed RNG token requirement
      • Brasten Yami
      • Brasten Kother
      • Brasten Linba
      • Brasten Fayer
      • Brasten Weiss
      • Brasten Thess
      • Brasten Narotte
      • Brasten Kaov
      • Brasten Hanter
      • Brasten Risuf
      • Brasten Buller
      • Brasten Bosson
    • Fixed issues with Bakra stability
    • Removed party limit for Wintertide, Inartia, Alentia
      • Dragonheart Temple is being investigated as items are added differently there.
    • Added a Gold Item Unbinder that works for any level 200 or below weapon, with a rarity of anything below Gold.
    • Fixed the patching system to allow for proper data patches.
    • Added an Adept Supporter Title
    • Added an GM Event Survivor Title
    • Added foundation for creating custom titles
      • Added foundation for a secondary custom title, which does not include stats other than Draconic Influence
    • Added James Brown Flute
    • Added Lair Manager Flute
    • Added Shard Attunement Flute
    • Changed Territory War times to 5PM PST (for Baerton Islands) and 3AM PST (for non-Baerton Islands)
    • Added Draconic Influence Potions
      • +250 Draconic Influence (1 day)
      • +350 Draconic Influence (1 day)
      • +600 Draconic Influence (1 day)
      • +250 Draconic Influence (1 hour)
    • Increased Inventory Bag, Bank, Furniture Inventory and Dragon Chamber
      • Inventory Bag should be increased to 25 pages (Total of 1000 Slots)
      • Bank has been increased to 10 Pages (Total of 1000 slots)
      • Increased Furniture Inventory to 25 pages (Total of 625 slots)
      • Increased Dragon Chamber to 20 Pages (Total of 960 slots)
    • Fixed an issue with expansion cards where they were not properly bound to the character
    • Made all custom housing plots have 100 gold as daily rent
      • We had to put 100 gold, or else you get an odd issue where the game thinks you have negative days left every time you login
    • Brasten Eggs have been lowered to 1000 Battleground Badges for Instant Hatch, and 1500 Battleground Badges for Unhatched Dragon eggs
    • External: Released Dragon Spawn Calendar for tracking Dragon Spawn times: Spawn calendar
    • Added Adept Dragon Gacha
      • Added new gacha for every Dragon Family and all Fabled Ancient Model (28 in total); when opening Adept Dragon Gacha, you will get a gacha for a specific model or family, and then receive an egg from that gacha.
    • Replaced Newbie Box with a custom box that also combines our starter pack, as well as all the mailed items that were currently sent to players: Full list can be found here: Announcement - *Large Patch* Weekly Maintenance 9/2/2019
    • Added system message to tell players how many points they have per Dungeon, and what Dragon the points are for, example "Carnelian Warden Points: 0", after completing the dungeon
    • Overhauled "Ancient/Fabled" Dragon spawns in Dungeons, so every dungeon has a different Dragon now, most of which were previously marketplace Dragons or were unreleased: Guide - Updated - 3/2020 | Dungeon Ancient Location, Tips Farming Guide
      • Added Dragon spawns to the following Dungeons:
        • Juno Crystal Gallery
        • Accursed Tower
        • Dunar Temple
        • Ironfang Fortress
        • Palace of Methus
        • Dragon Heart Temple
        • Shrine of Handras
        • Asuma's Mirage
        • Racmon Grotto
      • Dragons have been adjusted to match the end-level of a zone.
    • Fixed Tanarkin Quarry spawn point for Dungeon Dragon
    • Fixed Well of Prophecy spawn point for Dungeon Dragon
    • Released Galactic Storm, a new Runewake Model
    • Released Nyssilth, a new Duskreaver Model
    • Released Skitterjuice, a custom zombie Skitter Model for Halloween
    • Released Festivebiter, a previously unreleased Frostbite model with a Santa hat
    • Released Ice Spire, a previously unreleased Gecko Serpent model
    • Released Carnelian Warden, a new Duskreaver model previously unreleased
    • Released Obsidian Thunder, so that it can be captured using the Dungeon Dragon system
    • Released Midnight Massacre, a new Fabled Ancient Sailfin that was previously unreleased
    • Changed Steel Demon camp setting so that it can properly be captured
    • Changed Burnt Shadow camp setting so that it can properly be captured
    • Changed Goldsteel camp setting so that it can properly be captured
    • Added Compendium entry for Ice Spire
    • Changed Battlegrounds to be 3v3
    • Added new Adept Dragon Tamer skill with 50% movement speed increase
      • This skill will be included on any custom Dragon such as Galactic Storm and Nyssilth
    • Added Galactic Storm, Nyssilth, and Skitterjuice transformation medals
    • Added Galactic Storm, Nyssilth, and Skitterjuice loot pets
    • Added Chest of Battleground Badges, allowing people to purchase Battleground Badges for Insignia
      • This was done to minimize arguing over whether or not Battleground should be PvE-focused if PvE players do not want to PvP
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