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Announcement Dragon's Prophet GM Event Changes


Oct 20, 2016
After a lot of discussion and consideration between @Haterslayer and myself, we've decided to do away with two separate event times and to split the difference and have events at 3PM PST every Saturday.

We are hoping by simplifying the event time to a single time each week that it'll lessen confusion for players, and help people to make it to the event if they are able.

We are also making a change in how we give out rewards to players. Previously anyone on the island would get all the rewards, even if they did not participate which is not completely fair to people who do. We had considered giving rewards only to those that participate however that excludes people who cannot fully make the event, or have issues with lag or FPS.

We have decided instead to provide the smaller rewards to everyone, but the larger reward only to those that fully participate in the event and make it to the end goal. This is to encourage people to participate and also to not fully exclude those that cannot.

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