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Oct 20, 2016
We've now entered the final stretch for releasing the big update we've been talking about. It will be the first step towards fixing bugs, adding new content, and overhauling game mechanics.

Our staff has been hard at work either working on the server itself, brainstorming new content and mechanics to make the game better, or researching the game as it is currently to better understand the inner workings to lay groundwork for future content.

Here is a tentative (it is subject to change) estimate on what we will be doing and what we plan to do in the future:

October 1st - 7th: Continue bug testing on our test server

October 8th - 9th: Run the test server for the weekend (with intentions of rolling back to Friday). We will do the GM event on Saturday as normal, and the reward will be given out on Monday when the server is back to normal (more on why we want to do this further down).

October 10th - ~: Rollback server and mail all players the event reward. Rates will be updated to 5x Exp, 5x Drop for the week. During this time we will finalize what issues were found during the 8th-9th, and begin fixing the issues that we know of.

~November: We will begin in fixing additional issues we know carry over from the existing server (Treasure Hunter, Laedis 102). We will also be fixing up our tools for developing new content, and preparing our own custom content, some of which may come earlier to keep people occupied. This time will mostly be based around researching methods for implementing suggestions from players, and content that we have been thinking of.

~December - ~January: This is primarily dependent on what happens in November, but our primary focus will be the development of new content (new dragon types, new zone, new dungeons).

We will probably use the following pattern for updates: Bug Fixes -> Quality of Life -> Content.
  • Bug fixes updates will be major and minor issues that detract from the gameplay.
  • Quality of Life updates will include some bug fixes but focus on changes to improve the gameplay and mechanics
  • Content updates will focus on new zones, new bosses, new dungeons, new dragons and new items.
Updates may not follow any particular order and some times we will need to do more bug or quality of life updates than content.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some polls to see what current content people prefer, and what people would like to see more of in the game. If you wish to have some input on the future of Dragon's Prophet, we will gladly take any opinions or suggestions our players make.
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Oct 20, 2016
As a bonus we will also be giving players James Brown for this week.

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