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Dragon Preview Introducing: Ao Pu, the Karmic Judge


Oct 20, 2016
Ao Pu is the second of the four new Chinese Dragons that are coming to Dragon's Prophet. This is an original concept of @Aiden that was done to be opposite of Chi Fu and was meant to have a theme of holiness, light and purity. This also served as a test for playing around with making opalescent textures that play well with Dragon's Prophet graphics. The colors used for the emissive layer are all borrowed from @Annimora and her Crystalline Chaos submission Opal Wind.

Players who have Ao Pu will get the title "The Holy Judge". This Dragon will also come with the Adept Dragon Tamer skill.

Thanks to @Compeador for helping with the names and @Heroine for help with the compendium.

If you are interested in getting early previews on what Aiden is working on, or want to help support her to do dragons more often you can follow or support her Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=20328797


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