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Announcement Valentines & Chinese New Year event delayed till 2/21/2022


Oct 20, 2016
Because I was busy working out bugs on the large patch that is coming soon, I completely forgot to enable the Chinese New Year and Valentine event.

I have enabled them now, but they will not be active until next Monday after maintenance and I will run the noodle event for two weeks for the delay (even though I have to manually start the stupid dragons).

We have been holding off on doing any large updates as all of the updates for the beta branch will break compatibility with the current Dragon's Prophet server/client, and Dragon's Prophet does not easily allow for reversion of patches. Here is a list of below what will be coming in the patch:
  • Skyhammer Warcharger
  • Royal Destrier
  • Prince of Autumn (shown above, and also known as Wafflecone Rapidash)
  • Ao Pu, the Karmic Judge
  • Chi Fu, the Demon of Entropy
  • Luo Yi, the Twilight Eclipse
  • Sha Ting, the Divine Storm
  • Amora, the Osiran Cupid
  • Some announced and unannounced dragons that still do not have names
  • Loot pets for exclusive dragons that do not have them
    • Two new loot pets that have been previewed in the Discord
  • Transformation medals for exclusive dragons that do not have them
  • Possible change to how the gacha works soon, so that people do not continue to get the same roll


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