Viperas very, very late introduction.


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Jan 18, 2017
For some reason I never even noticed there was an introduction threat here. Might be ebcause when I stray throught he forums it's always only the DP section. <.<
Either way I want to catch up on this, one part in order to get those nice lil credits, and one part because unless you talk to me regularly you might not know much about me.

Anyway, my name is Vipera, Vip or... if you really, really need to call me that, Hofni. In game you can find me on my ranger Vipera or more rarely, my oracle toon Kroan. I'm currently leading the guild Systematic and generally welcome everyone who needs help or has a question to message me in Game, or on discord. c:

My main interests in-game is generally getting stronger and maybe getting a stable group of people into PVP along the way. For that reason I'm also working on a PVP guide as I learn and together with a few other people.
Out of game I like drawing, writing and reading, as well as some other games, working with animals and in general anything involving Cosplay and in the near future possibly Larp.

Apart from that I'm also doing concept art for the servers development, some of which can already be seen on the forums. ^^
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