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Hello everybody. December is here. In many countries, the most family holiday of the year is coming soon. I decided to prepare a board game for you. Just read some instructions in the comments and play.
Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year))
Sincerely yours, InIllusion aka FaiRodis
The game can be printed on A4 sheet (it will be small, but you can play anyway). Or select the option "print on 4 sheets" on your printer. Then you will get a game in format A2. You just have to glue 4 sheets together.
In the second picture, you will find game pieces, rules and gifts. If someone wants a game without gifts - just let me know, I'll post an empty version as well. The second sheet of rules should be printed in any case in A4 format. You can stick the game pieces on cardboard and make them more durable. In general, I hope that someone will like the idea and the game will give you a fun dragon evening.
There are also children's rules without counting.

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