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  1. Seiichi

    Event Crystalline Chaos Contest Winners

    Originally we had planned for only doing 5 winners, however with expanding the deadline and with the submissions that we got towards the end we ended up expanding the amount of winning submissions to 10. First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Sixth Place...
  2. Seiichi

    Event Completed Dragon's Prophet Coloring Event: Skytouched (Crystalline Chaos)

    There are no maximum number of entries for people to submit, but you can only win one reward. We will be accepting submissions until May 1st 15th, and afterwards we will choose the winners from all the submissions. Due to how long it takes to create the textures it may be a few months until...
  3. L

    Bug Report Dony's Guild Quest's get some wrong description's

    So i wanted to lv. my char and my Guild a bit ... but hey ! it will not be that easy as i thought xD Well first day i got the 1024th quest and it says: Clear Verglas Ridge with S Rank [Chaos F2]. And i did it ... i did also Verglas chaos with 1-3 maps and tried S-SSS rank and Chaos ridge also...