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  1. WolfKat

    Maybe dumb question

    I've been peeking at the Costumes tab in my character menu a few times and tried to move a low stat (but nice-looking) gear piece into the slots (as I would in the other MMOs I play when doing cosmetics/transmutations). It didn't work, haha. Is it only for items that would be tagged as costume...
  2. ZambieMaster

    Suggestion Dragon costume previews

    So I've noticed a good 90% or so of the player costumes all have previews with them, but seemingly none of the dragon costumes have previews to them at all. While I'm not for certain if this is possible, but maybe whatever dragon is your current dragon or out in world, lets say Skitter for ex...
  3. SaintBeast

    Suggestion Planned Expand Dye System + Increased Colors

    Hey, would it be possible to add the option for colouring weapons? so the boring weapons can get a new colour :D? would be nice. because there are a lot of weapons in game with a boring a bleched colour :D even if you would add an item to buy with diamonds so you can change colour of weapons...
  4. Techmox

    Bug Report Styx Skeleton Wings bug

    Just a weird bug... When I activate Styx Skeleton wings effect and I have other normal wings on cape costume I can have 2 wings in the same time. But When I wear Schax Tech Energy Pack and activate styx skeleton wings, the pack disappears. Other cape costumes doesn't disappear. Why? There is any...
  5. Sovi

    Guide Collectable Costumes of Auratia!

    NOTE - there is a guide already that details specifically where everything is in the game aside from these sets. This is simply a guide displaying ALTERNATIVE ways to get this gear, so it's far from a copy, it's more like updated and added stuff that I really hope will be considered to be added...
  6. derkiler

    Suggestion Rejected Level Limitter

    Hey there :) I would like to see, if someone else want a Level Limitter. Maybe someone else know this from other games, like me. Why: It would be able to stay on specific Levels, which allows you to farm like: - Costume/Skins - Gear (overstatting/105 gear/..) - Dragon Skill leveling ->...
  7. DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume

    DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume

    DeathWing + Fadernoc's Costume

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