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  1. 5 Year Anniversary Update

    Development Update 5 Year Anniversary Update

    There isn't much new from the last update other than that we tracked down and resolved the root cause(s) for item stat generation for normal gear and dragon gear. We are currently weighing the pros and cons of overhauling the way that the Dragon's Prophet client accesses files and how the data...
  2. 6 Month Anniversary Update & Celebration Announcement

    Development Update 6 Month Anniversary Update & Celebration Announcement

    I am proud to announce that we are celebrating our six month anniversary today for Dragon's Prophet. Not only has the server been active for six months, but it has been active with a 99.7% uptime with the only unscheduled downtime coming from an unavoidable server failure which we remedied in a...
  3. Seiichi

    Development Update An ever illusive developer update

    It has been quite some time since I last made an announcement regarding the development of the Dragon’s Prophet server, but I finally have some solid information to share regarding progress, even if it is a bit away from a full update. Over the last year we have been at work researching...
  4. Seiichi

    Development Update A not quite so elusive development update

    Would you look at that? It's another development update and it didn't take several months to a year to come out... It's almost as if we'd set a foundation down so that we could work on things quicker ;). This is a smaller development update, mostly to bring a bit more attention to the latest...
  5. Seiichi

    Development Update The long road to updates

    After many delays, and many many many tantrums and rants by both @Dragon and @Light, we've finally gotten to a point that we can begin rolling out some data updates to Dragon's Prophet. To begin with it will mostly be bug fixes, quality of life improvements and the addition of new marketplace...
  6. Seiichi

    Development Update Text wall update

    It's once again been a month since the last update, and as there will be another large patch coming soon, I figured I'd go into (some) detail in what I've been working on. First and foremost, for the last two months I've been researching the 'Dungeon Ancients' system so that we can make...
  7. Seiichi

    Some coming game changes, and a new Dragon

    It's been a little over a month since the last development update and I figured it was about time to write up a new one. The most controversial change is that I will be changing expansion cards and daily reset tickets so that they cannot be transferred through the housing system. Daily reset...
  8. Seiichi

    Development Update Third Anniversary Development Update

    It has been three years since we first launched the Dragon's Prophet server, and a lot has changed (at least behind the scenes). As with the last years update, the biggest change has been the data tool and how far we have gotten with it. We are now able to start adding actual data and the like...
  9. Seiichi

    Development Update Totally not interesting development update

    As always it's been a significant period of time since the last development update, but hey, at least this time I will have some solid progress to share with players. Recently our developer Dragon has managed to resolve the rubber-banding issue with our updated code base, so players will...
  10. The coming update, and some more Dragons

    Development Update The coming update, and some more Dragons

    We are going to aim for releasing the source code update for the end of August, or early September. Hopefully there will not be an unforeseen changes needed or delays, but currently we are on track for our original schedule. The scope of the update has not changed, but I will be included it...
  11. Seiichi

    Development Update A small development update

    This is a small update, so people have an idea of what is currently going on with development. Our current priority is fixing bug reports from beta testing. So far, we have fixed a few critical bugs, and are currently looking at fixing a few others before we can move forward into finalizing...
  12. Belated Anniversary Development Update

    Development Update Belated Anniversary Development Update

    This was going to be an update posted for the server anniversary, but due to several delays I had to push it back until there was some concrete information to post, as I generally dislike posting empty updates. The main reason things have been quiet regarding the source update has been that we...
  13. Current Source Code Progress

    Development Update Current Source Code Progress

    Because we have gotten to a point that there is more than minor updates to announce, I figured I'd do an actual development update. As mentioned in the last response I had to the prior update, we have fixed the major bugs that were found and are now having testers go through to see if there are...
  14. Seiichi

    Developer Update Current Source Code Progress

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  15. Fisolino

    Announcement Developer Update We would like your opinion!

    Hello AdeptGamers, As most of you are going to be aware about our indefinite hiatus, I think now is a good time to ask for your feedback for our rework of the server (no data when). We would like your general feedback and have 2 more questions. You can post all of this here. What were you...
  16. Seiichi

    Developer Update A small development update

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  17. Seiichi

    Developer Update Belated Anniversary Development Update

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  18. Fisolino

    Announcement Developer Update Maintenance Interval Change

    Hello AdeptGamers, I am here to inform you about a little change in our maintenance and patch patterns. We have decided to switch to a bi-weekly update interval as it provides more time to implement more changes and is more convenient for our staff time wise. The next maintenance is expected...