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  1. Snake Pest

    Buying Looking for Kondrazi's offspring egg

    if you have one comment here with your price, thank you!
  2. WolfKat

    Got a cool purple egg!

    Just wanted to show this to you guys here. I looked up the two listed possible dragons, and Cobalt Lightning appeals to me the most so far. But first, I gotta work toward having more slots for dragons... I like my current 4 basic dragons a lot. And I've already spent a lot of time on them at...
  3. AncientOne

    Suggestion Planned Dragon egg powder +10% or +1% green rarity

    Hello, I'm back with more suggestions about eggs and egg hatching. As I was trying to incubate a wandering lotus dragon with a purple egg, I have noticed there is no powder that allows us to augment the green rarity, and remove purple and blue ones. Please add a powder that can add +10% green...
  4. AncientOne

    Eseriel Frostshadow egg?

    Hello, So I was looking at the marketplace and I saw no Duskreaver dragon eggs, so I was wondering: Will there be some Duskreaver eggs? And especially Eseriel Frostshadow's? I really love the colours of this dragon, and I wish I can obtain it one day.
  5. AncientOne

    Suggestion Implemented Very rare item that can max out stats of an egg and/or reduce it's incubation time

    Hello, So my next suggestion would be an item, like a ticket or something, that can instantly add like half of the stat bar on the incubating egg, and reduce the incubation time. I was thinking about it because maybe it can help people to save some time? I can imagine it can have positive...
  6. Snake Pest

    Selling Buying WTT sophani's offspring egg

    Trading with Nardicura, savarkin or kondrazi, not selling it hit me up if you wanna trade
  7. Dryadia

    Selling WTT Sophani Egg

    Want to Trade Sophani egg (Unhatched Egg of Colorfulness) (Sophani's Offspring) for egg with either: Kondrazi Nadricura or Savarkin Trade only, not selling Also still have Skandarn egg (Unhatched Egg of Scorching Heat) (Skandarn's Offspring) Dryadia (ingame name) Thank you
  8. Dryadia

    Selling WTT Skandarn Egg

    Want to Trade Skandarn egg (Unhatched Egg of Scorching Heat) (Skandarn's Offspring) for egg with either: Kondrazi Nadricura or Savarkin Trade only, not selling Dryadia (ingame name) Thank you
  9. VickyDragon

    Selling WTT Sophani egg

    I have a Sophani egg (Unhatched egg of Colorfulness) I want to trade for either a Kondrazi egg, Nadricura egg or Savarkin egg.
  10. Balge


    My precious eggy boy!
  11. Catspaw

    Wanted Egg Dancers for Housing or Apartment

    Anyone that needs egg Dancers please enter Island, Character name, and how many eggs . Please also indicate H for house and A for Apartment. This way a dancer can PM you to be added to your room mates list. Thank you . Starguard - B11 Seiichi .......... 104 eggs/nests.......H Hearthwarm -...
  12. Zeratica

    Guide Guide to hatching dragons with max stats

    Ever tried to hatch a dragon and it came out with stats lower than you thought it should have had? Then this is the guide for you! This guide will outline what you need to know to have the highest possible chance of getting maxed stats on your hatched dragons, it is not however a guide on how...

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