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  1. Lingerie

    New Server / Ref. Dragon Mastery / GM Event

    For European Players (others might be effected as well, as it concerns the new server time) will todays GM event start 1 hour LATER, i.e. 24.10. @ 1:00 am (UK 23.10 @ Midnight)? I ask because of the Dragon Mastery problem and that the fix will be tried by Seiichi @ next maintenance, i.e...
  2. Y

    Bug Report war event on isle´s

    are they not working or am i doing something wrong
  3. Seiichi

    Event Crystalline Chaos Contest Winners

    Originally we had planned for only doing 5 winners, however with expanding the deadline and with the submissions that we got towards the end we ended up expanding the amount of winning submissions to 10. First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Sixth Place...
  4. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.24] Bloody Hunter Event End

    Hello AdeptGamers, quick patch notes Bloody Hunter event ended, you can still trade in your scraps at the NPC Thank you for your patience.
  5. E

    Easter Event

    Thanks to Seiichi for activating this year's Easter Event. Have had a first look there and tried to collect the 26 eggs. I gave up after waisting half an hour on getting 5 of them.^^ Dear Seiichi please help us and implement 4 chanels there as it is in the other parts of the game as well...
  6. Seiichi

    Event Completed Dragon's Prophet Coloring Event: Skytouched (Crystalline Chaos)

    There are no maximum number of entries for people to submit, but you can only win one reward. We will be accepting submissions until May 1st 15th, and afterwards we will choose the winners from all the submissions. Due to how long it takes to create the textures it may be a few months until...
  7. Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

    Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

  8. Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

    Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

  9. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch Notes] Patch 1.0.20 Fast X, Bloody Hunter Event and more!

    Hello AdeptGamers, We have put together a small global drop event for you to farm over the next month as a thank you for sticking with us and being patient through the worst times. and we have brought you some QoL updates, bugfixing and more. The Global Drop Event: Bloody Hunter's Will last...
  10. Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

    Bloody Hunter's Costume Set

  11. Fisolino

    Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.17] Event, Bloody, Elga, End of Valentines, Bug fixes and More

    Hello AdeptGamers, It's been a long night for me and I've finally finished up multiple bug fixes and dove deeper into the topic of Elga and implemented a preventive bug fix for him (thanks @Zirothos for the intel as in how the bug happens). That brings me to another point: The event that was...
  12. F

    Suggestion Make Event Pets tradeable?

    Does anything speak against making the valentine event pets sellable through the market? Greetings
  13. Paris

    Announcement Event Cookie Factory ending on the 3rd of March

    The cookie factory event will be ending on the 3rd of March instead of the 10th as a global drop event will be taking place from the 3rd March till the 17th. There is also an extended maintenance planned for the 3rd. Thank you.
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