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  2. Seiichi

    Event Mythical Coloring Event Winners

    Due to the number of submissions and the fact that we ran two coloring pages, we are going to be choosing winners for each page separately, though people can only win once for the whole contest. There will be 3 winners for the Frightmare coloring page, and 5 for the White Stallion coloring page...
  3. Paris

    Announcement Event [Event] Group Screenshot event (Cash Reward) 6/10/2019 @ 19:00 CEST

    As we approach the end date of our open beta we are inviting you all to a group screenshot event on Sunday @ 19:00 CEST everyone who participates will receive a $5 cash code to use on release, anyone who tries to gain multiple rewards or cheat the system will be severely punished (perm ban from...
  4. ArchieVision

    Chinese Valentines Event

    If I remember correctly, isn't this the event that put the Eastern dragons in the spawners in the wild? It would be awesome to go out and catch an eastern in the next few days.
  5. Durgan


  6. Event


  7. Seiichi

    Announcement Halloween 2017 Event

    To celebrate Halloween we will be having a contest with a variety of ways to enter. This contest will run from today until the day after Halloween, and you are able to enter as many times as you wish, though you can only win one category. Here are the different categories in the contest...
  8. Game option - Standard Apperance

    Game option - Standard Apperance

    making everyone into clones of each other.
  9. Seiichi

    Event Best Media Contest

    Because we're going to need a lot of images to be used for announcement features on the portal, I figured I'd make it a contest. Rules for the contest: You can enter as many images as you wish You will get 100 credits for each image you post, up to a limit of 10 images and a maximum of 1000...
  10. Seiichi

    Event Dragon's Prophet Re-Opening Event

    Because of the sudden closure of the previous server, and the wipe we did bringing up this server we will be running the following login reward event for the month of March. Day 1 - Day 6: 99x Supreme XP Orbs which is enough to get you to level 108 and beyond Day 7 - Day 9: Components for...