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  1. watson

    PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. i cant play game

    i cant play game. Because it said that "this zone has not been actived yet". hy? fix it please. Thank Admin
  2. Wyv3rn L0v3r

    Im New To The Game So Far I Am Liking It

    I was originally a Fortnite Save The World grinder and play alot of Rocket Racing {Yes I am an Unreal racer} with 5K hours but after so long I wanted something different and I am trying to avoid PVP games so I got recommended this game and I really like it reminds me of blessed unleased but...
  3. J

    Bug Report Game without audio

    Olá, sou brasileiro do Brasil e não falo inglês, (usando tradutor) Dito isto. Meu jogo não tem áudio, está 100% funcional, mas não tem áudio. Baixei a pasta do jogo, atualizei, mas não tem áudio. Alguém sabe como resolver isso?
  4. ivorycypher

    Bug Report Solved Game crashes upon logging character

    Hi there! Yesterday evening I logged out of my game as I usually do, then remembered I still wanted to do a quest that I almost forgot about, but when I tried to log back in, the game crashed when I tried to load my character. See the attached video for the crash, there is no error message nor...
  5. Sininsterme


    Hello all, Loved this game from day 1. Played on a few private servers still trying to find a good place.
  6. Keys

    Bug Report Violet game

    As i start my game everything is in Violet or in Negativ Colers i dont really know what to do i startet it over the Launcher so it should be uptadet pls help xD
  7. Shadowmongrel

    Hello, It's been years since I have looked at this game again.

    It's nice to see that this game is up again, a little excited to look at it again. : )
  8. oooo

    Bug Report In my game the sky is green

    In my game the sky is green what is the reason
  9. Memory.png


    In 2012, the General Assembly proclaimded 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honour of parents throughout the world. So our guild wish you all a good day with the most lovely people in the world!
  10. U

    Bug Report Solved Trying to Get into game

    Cant figure out how or find a game on how to get into the game as of 1/29/22
  11. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  12. K

    The game is lagging pretty hard

    I noticed during the past few weeks that the game is lagging way more than before. Atleast on my end. Is this a general thing or is it only a problem for me?
  13. watson

    Ask about time in game

    Hi Admin^^ and everybody . Can you Tell me the night time in this game, please?^^ Game's lock compared to the PST time zone, how is the game time calculated??? I want to know day time and night time in game XD. So i can log in game for capture dargon and treasure hunt^^ Thank you Admin and...
  14. Lasimaras

    Game extension we know nothing about?

    In the meantime, is there a game expansion we don't know about? I saw a weapon master with lvl200 in Laedis.
  15. Vineysphinx

    cant seem to get game running.

    i cant seem to get this game running. can someone help?
  16. watson

    New map for game? Laedis 108?

    i wait for the new map and Laedis 108 so long. Can those wishes become true?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:??????
  17. EvaLinn

    Bug Report Solved Can't login in game

    Hello everyone! Can you tell me do I need my username when I played DP when it worked or I have to create new account. If yes then how and where can I register?
  18. Ibidubi

    Bug Report Solved Instalation des Clienten - instalation of the game client

    Hello Iam brand new. I did play DP first with gamigo then with gameforge. But they closed the game for no reason (for my oppinion). Now i found your site on youtupe. Hurra!! A new choice to play again. Jipee. I did download the the zip data, unpacked it but....let me say....iam no prof...
  19. M

    Bug Report Solved Game Crash on Character Select

    Hello, not really sure if anyone will be able to help me, but I will attach the Crash Reports and talk about what happened and maybe we might be able to figure it out. The first time the game crashed for me both of my monitors went black and I was unable to use them for about 5ish minutes. At...

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