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  1. N

    Buying WTB Oracle Gear

    over stat weapons, gear, pm what u have with price. thank you
  2. K

    The game is lagging pretty hard

    I noticed during the past few weeks that the game is lagging way more than before. Atleast on my end. Is this a general thing or is it only a problem for me?
  3. watson

    Ask about time in game

    Hi Admin^^ and everybody . Can you Tell me the night time in this game, please?^^ Game's lock compared to the PST time zone, how is the game time calculated??? I want to know day time and night time in game XD. So i can log in game for capture dargon and treasure hunt^^ Thank you Admin and...
  4. Lasimaras

    Game extension we know nothing about?

    In the meantime, is there a game expansion we don't know about? I saw a weapon master with lvl200 in Laedis.
  5. Vineysphinx

    cant seem to get game running.

    i cant seem to get this game running. can someone help?
  6. watson

    New map for game? Laedis 108?

    i wait for the new map and Laedis 108 so long. Can those wishes become true?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:??????
  7. EvaLinn

    Solved Can't login in game

    Hello everyone! Can you tell me do I need my username when I played DP when it worked or I have to create new account. If yes then how and where can I register?
  8. Ibidubi

    Solved Instalation des Clienten - instalation of the game client

    Hello Iam brand new. I did play DP first with gamigo then with gameforge. But they closed the game for no reason (for my oppinion). Now i found your site on youtupe. Hurra!! A new choice to play again. Jipee. I did download the the zip data, unpacked it but....let me say....iam no prof...
  9. M

    Solved Game Crash on Character Select

    Hello, not really sure if anyone will be able to help me, but I will attach the Crash Reports and talk about what happened and maybe we might be able to figure it out. The first time the game crashed for me both of my monitors went black and I was unable to use them for about 5ish minutes. At...
  10. Amadeus

    Suggestion Accepted Increase guild vault space

    Idk about other guilds but GAME OVERs guild vault is basically overflowing with items even though stuff gets sorted out regularly. How about increasing the size? Double slots per tab or more tabs (or both) would be awesome (and more cash for the server xD)