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  1. Y

    RU guild is looking for friends-Русская гильдия ищет игроков.

    NewRUDP Guild is looking for new friends Come join us its way fun with US, присоеденяйтесь к нам у нас весело!
  2. BlackDino23

    Joining Past DP player looking for New Peeps to join!

    Yo! I used to play DP back in the day and just found this place. Now I'm looking to for a guild to join. I'm mostly a PVE player and I'm english only speaking. So if there are guilds that are looking for some fresh meat but not to fresh please feel free to hit me up. If it means anything, I...
  3. Sherinae

    Joining Looking for guild

    Hello. I am a fresh player on this server with 41lvl char right now and I am looking for chill EU guild/group of friends to roam around, catch some dragons and just talk to. I am playing Guardian rn and I plan to make her my main. I speak English, some German and Polish. The guild should have...
  4. Haggy

    Joining Looking for a guild

    Hello! I haven't played this game in a long, long time. I recently got back into it, thanks to a friend who mentioned that this game still existed and was being handled by the community(?) Anyway! I was wondering, are there any active-social guilds recruiting? I'm not really a hardcore gamer...
  5. Jaslyn

    Recruiting Gilde Nocturna rekrutiert

    Nocturna in lumina! Die Gilde Nocturna existierte schon auf dem inzwischen abgeschaltetem EU-Server seit der Open Beta und auch hier, auf dem Privatserver sind wir mit Stolz vertreten. Wir konzentrieren und auf Endcontent und den Weg bis dorthin. Unseren großen Wissensschatz in allen...
  6. Y

    Joining looking for guild

    havent played for some years now. and enjoying the game play again. looking for a guild to help me reach one of my goal. some is the golden gear. so that will say the big big dungeons will repay that help with helping out others as i can. english typer 6/10 . english speaker 2/10 atm im lvl 78...

    Suggestion Guild Technology - Dragon for Hire

    Hey, if you start a dragon process in the dragon lair, you can use only the highest level of your guild technology for flute- or napo- extraction, which makes sense. But for the gold search (dragon for hire) as well as the dragon training you need to scroll down all levels beginning with 1 -...
  8. Fratley

    Recruiting Guilde vahallapride

    gulde valhallapride recrute tout membre Français soyez les bienvenu mes frère et sœur a bras ouvert son chef et un simpa chef pas bcp cc mais tres jentille merci
  9. N

    Recruiting Guild Dragonsoul

    Hello. We opend an new Guild: Dragonsoul. Everyone is welcome to join. ^^ No Rules.
  10. M

    Joining New player

    Downloading now looking to see about joining a guild.
  11. L

    Bug Report Dony's Guild Quest's get some wrong description's

    So i wanted to lv. my char and my Guild a bit ... but hey ! it will not be that easy as i thought xD Well first day i got the 1024th quest and it says: Clear Verglas Ridge with S Rank [Chaos F2]. And i did it ... i did also Verglas chaos with 1-3 maps and tried S-SSS rank and Chaos ridge also...
  12. SaintBeast

    Recruiting Guild Abyss

    Heyho, Guys ! Abyss is a guild with a focus on endgame content (PVE and PVP). Our main memberbase consists of players with knowledge of all classes and areas of the game. This knowledge will be passed down to newer members with the mentoring from more experienced players. To join, you must be...
  13. Seiichi

    Announcement Addressing Stealing Guilds & Creating Drama

    Because of a situation that happened last night the source update will be delayed while we remove the ability for guild members to take over a guild from the guild leader. This feature is mostly meant for when the guild leader is not active and not for if you have a person vendetta or just...
  14. Amadeus

    Suggestion Accepted Increase guild vault space

    Idk about other guilds but GAME OVERs guild vault is basically overflowing with items even though stuff gets sorted out regularly. How about increasing the size? Double slots per tab or more tabs (or both) would be awesome (and more cash for the server xD)
  15. Paris

    Recruiting Custom Guild Logo Request Submissions (Requires Ticket Item)

    This thread will be used to submit custom guild logo requests. The criteria is pretty simple, you MUST be the guild owner and you MUST have a CGLT (Custom Guild Logo Ticket) Item. Either obtained through events, from the beta rewards or bought through cash shop / other players. Use the form as...
  16. LizeroxLZ

    Aurora Logo

    Vote for Logo. You can vote on 3 logos if you want or just pick one. The most voted one will be selected as Aurora's logo.
  17. Paris

    Announcement Custom Guild Logo/Emblems

    While you are all waiting for the open beta to release you can put your "too much free time" to use and have a go at creating your own custom guild emblems using the templates provided or creating one from scratch. the only requirements are that it is submitted in a .png format and is 32 x 32...
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    Emblem Example
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    Emblem Template
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    Emblem Template