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  1. Fratley

    i need help about purple set level 60

    hello everybody if anyone know how many items need to craft gears level 60 of wintertide tell me cause i need the set pls and thank u all
  2. Yeah im Rusted

    Suggestion Rejected Newbie level dungeon ancients

    Hello there, id like to suggest to remove the ''you're 5 levels above the dungeon level so cannot gain ancient points'' thing İ do understand some ancients might be in eggs but what if i used the dragon gods blood and skipped basically every starter dungeon then regretted it? Perhaps removing...
  3. Seiichi

    Patch Note Completed Dragon's Prophet Weekly Maintenance 1/11/2021

    We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following: Dungeon Spawns have been changed to use the average level of a party, rather than the level in the data or a dragons default level. This is to fix an issue which...