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  1. N

    Bug Report Opening map fps drops

    Once i open the game map my dps drops from 60+ to 1-2 fps. checking task manger if anything is really high but everything was normal. everything updated on my PC. PC specs- 16gb ram I5-8500 3GHZ GPU- 1650 Super 4gb Asus would like to get any help on this, thank you~
  2. EvaLinn

    Quest Vulture Excavator's Map

    Hello! I have a big problem. I dig out the chest and its just dissapeared and this quest is completed. I couldn't loot it. What do I have to do?
  3. Fratley

    i need help about purple set level 60

    hello everybody if anyone know how many items need to craft gears level 60 of wintertide tell me cause i need the set pls and thank u all