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  1. elifkoc

    Buying WTB Platinum

    WTB platinum whisp me in game. type Riyuu and Miyuu with your offer! Thanks!.. You can sell us platinum everytime!
  2. Yeah im Rusted

    Buying Buying platinum

    Drop off how much you sell plat for, not dias i want platinum or hit me up in the game with your prices, ign: Rusted
  3. Seiichi

    Announcement Platinum Trading has been fixed

    For a few weeks the trade system that is part of our shop has been broken due to a problem when updating. The developer got back to me yesterday and has fixed the problem, so it is now possible to trade Platinum again. I have also disabled the ability to trade Credits, as that was not suppose to...
  4. Seiichi

    Announcement New Registration & Purchase System

    After months of development and testing we are finally able to launch our new registration and purchase system, all of which is integrated into this website. You will now be able to register multiple accounts for all of our current and future games, as well as manage their password or secondary...
  5. Seiichi

    Announcement Making Purchases with Paysafecard

    Currently we only offer Paypal, however Paysafecard does offer a Mastercard available to people 16 and older. It is a pre-paid credit card that you can top up with Paysafecard and use to make purchases on Paypal with. I'm including the official information below: Office Page: paysafe prepaid...