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For a few weeks the trade system that is part of our shop has been broken due to a problem when updating. The developer got back to me yesterday and has fixed the problem, so it is now possible to trade Platinum again. I have also disabled the ability to trade Credits, as that was not suppose to be possible in the first place.

I have also changed it that players will only be able to use the trade system once they have gone through a behind the scenes usergroup promotion; this does not affect any current players, but it will affect new players for about the first week that they are signed up.

We are also looking at making a change to how the permissions work so that inactive sale products will show properly in inventory after they have been purchased. Currently they use the same permission to view the product in the shop, which is why you cannot see them if those products are currently disabled. If you need to redeem products that are not currently active, create a ticket and I will help you with that.


May 14, 2020
Guten Tag Seiichi
ich habe 10.000 platin gekauft und kann nicht finden wo ich das eintauschen kann gegen diamante
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Oct 20, 2016
Platinum trading has been fixed again.

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