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  1. Seiichi

    Announcement Moving Servers

    We are provisioning the new web server, and are likely going to move to it within the next few days in preparation for moving the Dragon's Prophet server within the next week or so. If you are having issues connecting to Dragon's Prophet you will need to check your client.ini and see what...
  2. Seiichi

    Announcement Payment Option Guides

    Because there are caveats to some of the new payment methods, and because there are delays and people are likely going to need to make purchases several days in advance for sales due to bank delays, I figured I would write this break down. Paypal Paypal is our preferred payment method as the...
  3. Seiichi

    Announcement Stripe & Stripe Checkout Added

    The new Stripe Checkout implementation is done, however we will still use the old Stripe implementation for Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay and I believe also Samsung Pay. Alipay Bancontact eps Giropay iDEAL Przelewy24 SEPA Direct Debit Sofort I am going to be testing...
  4. Seiichi

    Announcement Small Shop & Registration Update

    We've fixed some issues that players have been having, so I figured I would make a network announcement about them. Purchases will remain visible in the inventory even after a sale has ended. This was intended behavior of the system we use, and was changed from how it worked before we did the...
  5. Seiichi

    Announcement Platinum Trading has been fixed

    For a few weeks the trade system that is part of our shop has been broken due to a problem when updating. The developer got back to me yesterday and has fixed the problem, so it is now possible to trade Platinum again. I have also disabled the ability to trade Credits, as that was not suppose to...