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We've fixed some issues that players have been having, so I figured I would make a network announcement about them.
  • Purchases will remain visible in the inventory even after a sale has ended.
    • This was intended behavior of the system we use, and was changed from how it worked before we did the large update in December. We have now changed it so that I can force purchases to remain visible in the inventory regardless of other permissions.
  • Account passwords can once again contain symbols.
    • This was due to passwords using the same validation rules as username, and not their own validator.
  • Fixed the Game Accounts link directing you to the profile, rather to game accounts.
  • I now have more power than I should have ever had, and can ban any game account from the website, or ban all accounts when banning someone from the website. This is potentially a sign of the apocalypse, and bodes terribly for every player.
This update is mostly to just let those people who have had issues with passwords, or have banked Diamond/Cash packages that they've not redeemed yet to know that the issues have now been resolved.

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